Is A Tankless Water Heater The Right Choice For You?

If you have had problems with a leaky water heater or frequently...

06th May
Is a Tankless Water Heater the Right Choice for You

Promoting Tenant Loyalty With Energy Saving Renovations

Five easy ways to optimize the energy efficiency and renter appeal As...

19th Dec

Making the Most of Your Space

Very cool video showing how to transform a 420 square foot apartment...

11th Dec

What Choices Matter When Building Green?

In less than six minutes in a short, fun, data-packed talk at...

19th May
What Choices Matter When Building Green?

May is National Home Improvement Month

National Home Improvement Month was started by an organization called the National...

06th May

Saving Water, the Water Pebble

It’s April, “Earth Day Month”. For me, that creates even more awareness...

23rd Apr
Dry Planet

Building Permits – do you need one?

Building? Renovating? Do you need a permit? How do you find out?...

11th Dec

Government Sponsored Energy Breaks for Homeowners

Did you know that the government is paying to weatherize homes all...

09th Sep

Green tips – Water Conservation

photo from Randy son of Robert About 75% of the earth is...

04th Sep

Green Walls by Nature!

Green roofs have beautifully proven themselves to be a resource against global...

17th Jul

Green Roofing Systems

Have you heard about Green Roofs? Check out the wonderful site for...

07th May

What defines “Building Green”?

I own a beautiful lot in the mountains of North Carolina, the...

03rd May