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11th Sep
Greensboro Deal Maker Sessions

How to Make an Offer to a Seller

By now you know that I invest in real estate. And that...

19th Dec

HUD 1 Settlement Statement

  Anytime you buy or sell a piece of real estate, you...

07th Oct

First Time Homebuyer Questions

Buying a home can be a frightening and overwhelming experience, especially the...

17th Sep

Condo, Co-op, Townhouse – What’s the Difference?

Condo, co-op, townhouse – what’s the difference? Do you know? It could...

12th Aug
Condo, Co-op, Townhouse - What's the Difference?

4 Important Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Thinking of purchasing a home? In case you’re wondering, this is actually...

16th Jul

Buying a House – the Cost of Waiting

This is such a great graphic that I just had to repost...

09th Jul

Using a Credit Card to Finance Deals

How many ways are there to raise funds for real estate deals?...

08th Jul

Should I Rent or Buy My Next Home?

Despite troubling financial times, the dream of homeownership is alive and well....

03rd Jun
Should I Rent or Buy My Next Home

10 More Moving Tips

Moving? Finding a place to go is just the beginning of the...

30th May

Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes!

Our last move was 4 years ago today. It certainly gave me...

29th May

Yard Sales

Cleaning out? Getting ready to move or just clearing the nest? If...

28th May