the Art of Negotiation

photo by conspiracy of happiness Everything in life is a negotiation, from...

09th Nov

How I Reduced My Stress

Stress is a killer – we all know that. Besides, feeling stressed...

01st Apr
How I Reduced My Stress

Can Your Business Survive a Physical Disaster?

Have you thought about it? Have you planned for it? One week...

22nd Jan
Can Your Business Survive a Physical Disaster?

18 Ways to Create Opportunities

You want to buy properties as investments, but how do you find...

14th Aug
list of opportunities

Investing in Real Estate is Lucrative – Do You Know How?

  More evidence of a great real estate market for investors: According...

09th Feb
Real Estate Investing is Lucrative - Do You Know How?

Train Your Brain to Become More Positive and 31 Percent More Efficient

The lens through which you view the world shapes your reality. Does...

07th Feb
Train Your Brain

Our Real Estate Economy is Rebounding

  Thanks for this article to Jim Williams, real estate investor here...

25th Oct
Guest Post

How Do You Get Started in the Real Estate Industry?

A friend from In Good Measure sent me a list of great...

06th Oct
All Property Solutions

36 Ways to Find Leads

Here’s a list we shared in a power point during one of...

12th Sep

Real Estate is the Best Niche

Don't look for niche markets - go where the money flows and get into the stream. Everyone lives somewhere. Everyone works somewhere. Everyone shops somewhere. There are more people in the country every year and no more real estate is being made. Want to make a ton of money? Jump into the real estate stream.

04th Aug

Where in the World is Karen, again?

Good Stuff I Learned this Week

15th Jul

I Made her $250,000 in 15 Minutes

I went to a Linked-in event today.  Naturally, I was sitting next...

11th Apr
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