The Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the World

Did you know that the average price per square foot of property in Hong Kong is $11,000? Check out this infographic for more!

25th Aug

What is your Property Worth?

Buying? Selling? How do you find home values? There are many free...

12th Mar
What is Your Property Worth?

Real Estate News – October

14th Oct

Real Estate Housing Recovery

As big as the real estate crash was, we’ve already gotten one...

05th Oct

Housing Prices are Up

What do you think of the claims in this video?

01st Oct
Housing Prices are Up

How Accurate is a Zillow Zestimate?

Do you use Zillow Zestimates? When trying to determine market value for...

07th Sep

Housing Affordability Index – Does it Matter to You?

The housing affordability index measures the relationship between Median Home Price, Median...

11th May
Housing Affordability Index

Housing Prices Bottoming, Really?

I read yet another article stating housing prices are bottoming and the...

20th Apr

Pricing Your House to Sell – Comparable Sales Method

Comparable sales are the most commonly used method to determine property value....

20th Mar
Pricing Your House to Sell - the Comparable Sales Method

Pricing Your House to Sell – Determining the Correct Amount

  As a follow-up to the last article, Pricing Your House to...

19th Mar
Pricing Your House to Sell - Determining the Correct Amount

How We Determine What We Can Offer on a Property

As an investor, I immediately explain to the seller that I won’t...

02nd Nov

Determining Property Values

There are 2 main methods for determining property value: comparable sales and cost per square foot. The more similarities, the easier to comp your property. It’s very often difficult to find like kind comparisons. When your comps vary significantly from your subject property they’re not really comps! You’ll need to adjust your numbers accordingly and this takes some experience and training. If it was easy, we wouldn’t need agents or appraisers!

07th Jul