Top Selling Zip Codes in the Triad

  Triad Business Journal recently published a list of the top selling...

15th Oct
Top Selling Zip Codes in the Triad

Greensboro, NC Real Estate Statistics

I’ve been telling people for years (especially when they feel sorry for...

21st Jun
Greensboro, NC Real Estate Statistics

Flipping Properties

What makes a property a “flip”?  As a general rule, a property...

22nd Aug
flip house

Greensboro, NC – One of America’s 50 Best Cities!

This post was blatantly stolen from an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, dated...

09th Dec
Greensboro, NC - One of America's 50 Best Cities!

Christmas Trees – a North Carolina Tradition

It’s that Holiday time of year! Did you know: North Carolina ranks...

25th Nov
Christmas Tree Farm

Greensboro, NC Statistics

Greensboro, NC is my home and I love it.  It’s located in...

06th Jun

North Carolina’s most Affordable Housing Markets

According to one report, Greensboro and Winston Salem are North Carolina’s most...

25th Sep

North Carolina Property Value Predictions

Following are the 2010 North Carolina Property Value Predictions according to Money...

21st Apr
Money Magazine Map

North Carolina – Number 3 for US Population Growth last Year

The Census Bureau develops state population estimates by measuring population change since...

19th Mar
North Carolina

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – required after 1/1/10

Because we have rental properties, this applies directly to us and our...

05th Jan
North Carolina map

North Carolina Ranked #1 for Business

North Carolina’s business climate ranks first in the nation according to Site...

13th Nov

Online Sales Tax – Will it Stop you from Buying Online?

New York, Rhode Island, and North Carolina have enacted laws forcing retailers...

27th Oct