The United States has Become a Nation of Renters

The United States has Become a Nation of Renters, which is great...

26th Mar
The United States has Become a Nation of Renters

Housing Inventory is at its Lowest Point in 13 Years

Housing inventory is at its lowest point in 13 years and the...

21st May

Property Managment Questions and Answers

The following are some great landlording questions from our students. I hope...

12th Apr
Management files

Do Your Rental Properties Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

  Do your rental properties have carbon monoxide detectors? They should. Since...

04th Apr

Cost of Tenant Turnover

Are you a landlord? Even if you own only one rental property...

19th Jun
Cost of Tenant Turnover

Where to Market When Selling a Home

It’s Spring! Best time of year to sell or rent out a...

26th Apr
Where to Market a House for Sale

NAR Rental Agreement

  Many landlords have asked us if  they can use the National...

10th Apr
NAR Rental Agreement

Don’t Get Scammed When Looking for a Rental!

They’re everywhere.. the scammers. And the facelessness of the internet makes scamming...

29th Mar
Don't Get Scammed When Looking for a Rental

RUCO Laws – Are They Still in Effect?

In June, the NC General Assembly voted to amend the state RUCO...

15th Dec
State Assembly Building

30 Questions a Tenant Will Ask Before Signing a Rental Contract

Since the housing meltdown, nearly 3 million new households have become renters....

28th Jun
All Property Solutions

House Not Selling?

This is a really tough time to be selling a house. If...

18th May
The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home

RUCO vs. House Bill 554

RUCO – Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy – Since January 1, 2009,...

09th May