About HomeVestors of America, Inc.

As I’ve discussed previously, we purchased a HomeVestors of America franchise and began operating in 2014. It has been an amazing boost forward for our business and we are big promoters now of the HomeVestors franchise to anyone considering a real estate investing career.

I just received the following information and it’s a great summary of the company to date:

Dallas-based HomeVestors of America, Inc. is the largest professional house buying franchise in the U.S., with over 75,000 houses purchased since 1996. HomeVestors recruits, trains and supports its independently owned and operated franchisees that specialize in building businesses based on buying, rehabbing, selling and holding residential properties.

Most commonly known as the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” company, HomeVestors strives to make a positive impact in each community.

In 2014, for the ninth consecutive year, HomeVestors was among the prestigious Franchise Business Review’s “Top 50 Franchises,” a distinction awarded to franchisors with the highest level of franchisee satisfaction. In 2014 HomeVestors was recognized as the 25th fastest growing franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine and number 126 in the Franchise 500 by Entrepreneur Magazine. For more information, visit www.HomeVestors.com.

Have you considered a HomeVestors franchise? We would be happy to discuss our experience to help you with your decision. You can read some of our experience at our HomeVestors website. Or simply leave your questions below.


  1. Hello Karen,

    I found you through your BP podcast. Yours is my favorite of all the past episodes – and I believe I have listened to them all. I have listened to your episode several times for motivation since it was first aired.
    I have been in contact with a HomeVestors recruiter but would love to hear some unbiased feedback with why you went with them after having a successful business already established. For us it would be a lot of money to invest and we are weighing the costs vs. benefits at this time. We currently have a few rentals and would like to grow faster. If you can help me decide what is the right move for my family I would greatly appreciate any information.

    Thank you,
    Will Pritchett

  2. Hi Will:
    Thank you for the wonderful words about my podcast! I appreciate hearing I’ve been of help.

    Whom have you contacted at HomeVestors? And where do you live? My husband is the development agent for the entire South Eastern United States for HomeVestors and I’m sure he’d love to speak with you. http://jimwilliams.homevestorsfranchise.com/

    We both believe this is a great opportunity and a fabulous way to buy more homes faster. Yes, we were investors for 10 years before becoming franchisees. We joined because of the instant credibility, the national marketing, the systems and the structure that they provide. We no longer need to create our own forms, systems, marketing, metrics, charts, etc. Everything is captured, analyzed and processed by headquarters. All we need to focus on is buying houses. HomeVestors doubled our business in the first year.

    Check out Jim’s link and let us know if you’d like to discuss this further.

    To your success!

  3. Hello.
    I know this may be counter intuitive for you but I’m hoping you can advise me out of the goodness of your heart.
    I need to cancel the contract I signed with a home vesters and I can’t find information on how to do that anywhere. I’ve told the man who came out that I want to cancel but he won’t give me a straight answer. He just says he’ll come over again and “we’ll work it out”.( I signed 13 days ago before a trip to Hawaii to look for a home and I have realized i cannot move yet.)
    Do you have any advice for me? I know I may have to pay a cancellation fee,etc but as of right now Homevesters has not spent any money so I’m hoping I can cancel. I may use them again when I am more prepared to move depending on how well this situation is handled.
    Thank you in advance for your time and attention.
    Sincerely,Christina Rice

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