Where Can I Buy/Sell Investment Properties?

Where Can I Buy/Sell Investment Properties?

Where Can I Buy/Sell Investment Properties?

All real estate investors have two main concerns:

  1. Buying properties
  2. Selling properties

Naturally there’s the third concern, financing your deals, but this conversation is about buying and selling real estate deals, particularly discounted investor specials.

For years we struggled to find good deals using multiple layered marketing techniques, some more successful than others. Then came a possibly larger concern – finding ways to sell these properties, to other investors or to the retail market.

Marketing for both buying and selling real estate can be time consuming and costly – something to work into your learning curve as well as your property costs.

Ultimately, we created a strategy that works even better than we’d hoped, for us and for our local investors – Deal Maker Sessions™.

These meetings are a place to present exclusive wholesale properties to the public, a place to buy and sell properties as well as to network and grow your involvement in the investor community

Having a room full of investors wanting to buy and sell exclusive wholesale properties creates an amazing synergy along with the opportunity to network and integrate further into your investing community.

Attendees include:

  • new investors looking for properties
  • the corporate investor who has little time to find properties
  • the seasoned investor seeking inventory
  • other wholesalers
  • real estate agents seeking exclusive deals for their clients
  • investors wanting to present their own properties for sale
  • vendors including: contractors, private lenders, hard money lenders, suppliers, etc.

This venue has worked so well locally that a standardized program is being utilized in HomeVestors markets across the United States including Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte, NC, Columbia and Charleston, SC, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, FL, Richmond, VA, and many in California, etc.

Ask attendees. Many have sold properties either directly or indirectly as a result of presenting at Deal Maker Sessions™. These sessions can work just as well for you!

Look for your local Deal Maker Sessions™. Have you attended one yet?



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