Happy Thanksgiving!

On November 28, 2013 by Karen


I am so thankful for..

Number one – Health. If you have your health, you can do anything. No matter what your trials or tribulations, if you’re healthy, you can overcome. I cherish my health.

Love of family and friends. If you want more, give more! All universal laws guarantee that what you give, you’ll receive – what you sow, you’ll reap – for yin, there’s yang – what you give out comes back to you. If you want more from your friendships, be more of a friend. If you want family members to love you more, be more loving. It’s that simple.

I’m very thankful for whomever started this national day where all of us are thankful at the very same time. Was it a pilgrim “event”, thanking the Indians for teaching the art of growing crops that would sustain them in the new world? Imagine… a simple meal, an act of love for kindness shown, that carries on for hundreds of years.

I’m thankful that I can give back. I have talents I can share, time I can spare, and treasures left at the end of the month that I can freely give to people and causes in need. It is definitely more blessed to be able to give than to be in need. For being able to give, I am thankful.

I’m thankful for the time to reflect on all that I have, everyday. And, I’m thankful to you for taking the time to read my words.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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