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Karen Rittenhouse

My name is Karen Rittenhouse and I’ve been investing in real estate full-time since January 2005. In that time we have purchased hundreds of homes, opened a full-service real estate company, a property management company, a coaching business, opened a HomeVestors franchise, and I have written several books on real estate – The Essential Handbook for Buying a Home, The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home, and The Essential Handbook for Landlords.

My goal with this site is to share what I know, what I’m learning, and to create a place to network. I have gained much knowledge through the deals I’ve done and the investments I’ve made in my real estate investing. I am not a realtor. All of the deals I’m involved with are my own.

I have found through my travels nationally that many, many, many people recognize the value of investing in real estate, some with only their personal home, others as a way to produce present and future income.  Most people simply don’t know how to get started, what to do next or where to get information. That’s the purpose of my writing – concise, abundant information.

In my coaching, I find that people get stopped in their real estate efforts for one or two reasons, lack of knowledge and fear. Of course, most fear comes from lack of knowledge! That’s what I want to prevent here. Don’t get stopped. Let me help you keep moving forward in your endeavors.

This is a very exciting time in real estate.  It is my goal to help you see the benefits, find the areas of investing that spark your passion and, ultimately, be successful no matter what your real estate endeavors.

To learn more about how we started out in our investing career, please listen to my podcast over at BiggerPockets.com/show2.

Happy Investing!


  1. Hi Grant:

    Thanks for being a fan!

    The only place I suggest anyone spend money for major real estate training is to buy a HomeVestors franchise. You get ongoing one-on-one training as well as group support, a road map, all the tools for buying as well as maintaining a business – it’s a complete set-up for having a successful real estate business. And it’s no more expensive than many of the large training programs that sell you a backpack full of CDs.

    Other than that, I only recommend local coaches. The national and traveling “gurus” literally go to trainings on how to sell product. Their interest is in income from the product, not on your individual success (as you have found out). Go to all your local investor groups to learn the language, who in your area is doing the business, who the best vendors are (closing attorneys, contractors, bookkeepers), etc. And only follow someone who’s successful. There are plenty of “gurus” teaching who don’t even do the business, they just sell programs.

    If you are tempted to buy a program, be sure to talk to others who have and who are using it Successfully!!! Learn from those who are successful in the field, especially in your area. Not from someone who tells you from a stage that they can make You successful.

    I hope this helps and thanks for asking!

  2. Hi Karen!

    I met you at a TREIA event a couple months back. You gave a presentation about hard money lending. I’ve been thinking about Residential Capital Partners and their great rates ever since. I just went to start the application process today after finding a great property perfect flipping (or holding really), but unfortunately I don’t ‘qualify’ as this would technically be my first project. I’m hoping there’s some way to appeal for an exception. My dad is in real estate and I’ve studied and helped with all of his flips. Lately he has been doing about one every month. With him as my mentor to guide me through my first flip, can I be allowed to continue the application process?

    I’m actually in a good enough financial and credit position to take out a conventional loan on this property but I would rather not tie up all that cash into this deal, or be stuck with the sub-par rates that other hard money lenders offer.

    I appreciate any help you can give me :) Feel free to send me a direct email if you’d like. Thank you!


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