No Parking in Front Yards

There’s a new ban on the books in Greensboro, NC. No more parking on front yards. The ban has been on the books since July 15, 2009. Did you know? Do you park in your yard?

Inspectors are being swamped with calls from people wanting their neighbors ticketed as well as from owners who feel that “it’s my land and I can park where I want to.”

The ban has also been adopted by other nearby cities. Exceptions to the ban are for events such as family reunions or yard sales. Parking is only allowed in driveways or clearly defined parking areas. Parking out back is permitted.

You understand this ban, right? The purpose is to promote curb appeal and protect neighborhood values. And, by the way, wear and tear and motor oil are not good for the lawn.

The ban does go a bit further:
1. No more than 40 percent of a front yard can be dedicated to parking
2. Parking areas have to be all-weather surface such as concrete or gravel. Grass & bare earth are not allowed.
3. Parking must be limited to a clearly marked off area, not just loose gravel.

The fines start at $50 and increase for each violation from $100 to $500. It applies to houses and duplexes.

Will this affect you and your property?

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