100 Ways to Create Real Estate Leads

How effective is your marketing? Whether buying, selling, or investing in real estate, marketing is essential to your success. People must know what you do.

As an investor, the key fundamental element in the first level of your real estate investing business is creating systematic and consistent lead generation. If you are not focused on lead generation, you do not have a business, you have a hobby or a dream.

Your commitment to marketing is critical.  There are many different ways to create leads and here are about 100:   (I originally posted this May 8, 2010, but it’s so important that I’ve moved it to the top of my blog posts once again.)

Accountants and CPA Firms:

  • They have clients with financial problems where an investor can be of help.

Advertising: Never stop. Use simple ads with a USP, Unique Selling Proposition: Quick Closing, All Cash, As-Is, etc., Newspapers, Flyers.

Attorneys: Attorneys know when people need money, often to pay their attorney fees!  Not just probate but divorce, family law and real estate attorneys.

Auctions: Do your homework in advance. Auctions move very fast and a single mistake can be costly. Visit your local auction a few times to just observe. Know values and repair costs before bidding.

  • Foreclosure Auctions: Very risky – not for the newbie
  • Sheriff Sales: Same as Foreclosure
  • IRS Sales

Apparel with Logos: Hats, T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Hand Bags – get them and wear them!

Appraisers: Often know what is, or is going to be, for sale

Bandit Signs: Check your local sign ordinances. Some places have no issue with them, others do.

  • We Buy Houses
  • Stop Foreclosure

Bird Dogs: These people can be very valuable to your business. It is important to know your local laws about compensating unlicensed people.

“Blue Tarp” Houses: often blue tarps on roofs indicate owner can’t afford to repair.

Boarded up windows: or other visible disrepair.

Business Cards: different types – one for seller, one for buyers, one for professionals (banker, attorney, CPA)

Builders Models: Frequently builders will sell a model home at a discount.

Building Inspectors: another group who knows what’s going on with local housing.

Car & Truck Loans: Some folks would rather keep the wheels than a roof over their head. Buy here, pay here dealers can be a good lead source.

Car Repos: If the car is going the house isn’t far behind.

Carpet Cleaners: Many of their customers are preparing a house for sale.

Charitable Groups: Frequently receive gifts of real estate, but they’d rather have the cash.

City & County Inspectors: Code violations and red tags. If you develop a reputation of buying distressed properties and improving them, you become an asset to the community.

Classified Ads:

  • For Sale:  Look for Key Words – transferred, motivated, divorce, owner financing
  • Want to Buy
  • For Rent by Owner: Look for burned-out landlords

Condemned Houses: Many counties will provide you a free list.

Consumer Loan Companies: When their loans go bad they are frequently willing to deal rather than foreclose.

Courts: Eviction Filings, Probate Court, Divorce Cases, Tax Liens, Code Violations.

Credit Repair Agencies & Counselors: Many times the only way someone can get their spending under control is to sell a house they can no longer afford.

Direct Mail: Pre-Foreclosure Letters, Probate Letters, Out of Town Owners, Post Cards, Bankruptcies, Divorce, Delinquent Taxes, Military Owners.

Door Hangers: You can also use pre-printed post-it notes to leave messages at your target properties. Be sure to advertise on both sides, you can even sell the back side and recover your advertising cost!

Door Knocking: Distribute flyers and go door-to-door asking residents if they know of anyone planning to move because you’d like to buy a house in their neighborhood.

Drive or walk Neighborhoods: Get to know them well and take notice of changes.

Estate Sales – often the real estate will also be available and perhaps with owner financing.

Eviction Court: great place to find landlords.

Expired Listings: Connect with an investor friendly Realtor.

Family Members: talk about what you do and ask for referrals.

Farming Local Areas: Become the local neighborhood expert.

Flyers: Cut your cost in half, print two to a page and distribute: Shopping Centers, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Malls. Put on car windshields or pay someone to do it for you.

Friends: “Do you know anyone who wants to sell?” Most people know 2 people who will be buying or selling a home this year.

FSBO Signs: call for sale by owners.

Funeral Homes: Can be a good lead source before information on a decedent becomes public.

Garage Sales: Are they moving?

Hair Salons: Lots of talking going on during hair cuts!

Home Builders: Need to sell their buyers’ houses so they can close on the new property.

HUD Foreclosures:

Internet: Rent Clicks, EBay, Craigslist, Wholesale Sites, Lead Services, USLeaseOption.com

Insurance Brokers: Policy changes from owner occupant to landlord or vacant house coverage.

Investor Packages: Investor who’s ready to retire and cash out their portfolio. May be able to negotiate seller financing as well as a discount.

Judgments: Check the public record or hire someone to do it for you.

Large Employers: Let them know you buy properties so if they need to transfer an employee, they don’t get stuck carrying the house. This can be good for renting executive properties for short-term transferees, too.

Lenders: Banks / REO’s: – Mortgage Brokers, Private Lenders, Hard Money Lenders.

Liened Properties: Mechanics Liens, HOA Liens, Tax Liens.

Lis Pendens: Notice of a law suits, usually a foreclosure.

Lists: You can buy lists for anything you want to market to: pre-foreclosures, neighborhoods, properties with no mortgage, etc.

Magnetic Car Signs and Wraps: Check with your auto policy carrier as to whether or not this will affect your coverage. A rider may be required.

Market Bulletin Boards: Grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants.

Military Transfers: Military bases provide an excellent transient market for those needing to sell and buy off base housing.

Mobile Homes: Get to know park managers. Banks don’t like mobile homes but they can become little cash cows. A special license is required if you’re going to get into the mobile home business.

Moving Companies: often booked well in advance of a move.

Neighborhood Newsletters: advertise in and write articles for.

Networking: Other Investors, Call We Buy Houses ads & signs, Churches, Public Speaking, Investment Associations, Work, Clubs.

Newspaper Carriers: Who see the vacant houses everyday?

Nursing & Retirement Homes: Frequently residents need to sell a house.

Pens: Buy cheap ones and leave them everywhere you go.

Pet Odors: If your home has housed a number of pets, we may be the buyer for you.

Pizza Boxes: many sell advertising or sponsorship spots.

Postman: fabulous resource!

Public Speaking: Rotary, Lyons and Kiwanis Clubs, Realtor meetings and other associations.

Quit Claim Deeds: Are a sign that something has changed with the property.

Radio Ads or Show

Real Estate Agents

Referrals: the best. Comes with instant credibility. Never stop asking.

Relocations: Usually need to sell quickly.

Rent Credit: Trade rent credit for a down payment.

Rental Agents & Property Managers: Let them know you want to buy and also find a local manager. You buy, they manage…win/win!!

Retirees: A growing population with free and clear homes. Excellent prospects for seller financing.

Section 8 Landlords: Each county maintains a list.

Short Sales

Social Media: Get your message out: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Structural Damage: Once you know what you’re doing, you can buy at a rock bottom pricing.

Tax Deed Sale Properties: These do not come with title insurance so do your home work.

Tax Lien Certificate Properties

Termite & Pest Control Companies: Write a check and the termites die. Write another check and replace the damaged wood. May find great deals.

Title Companies: Not all transactions close like they are supposed to. Let the title companies know you can help in a pinch, for the right price.

Trading Up: Trade your newly renovated property at retail for a property down the block that you can buy wholesale. Try a sign that says “Will Take Your House In Trade”.

TV and Radio: Cable companies may have community service spots for free.

Vacant Properties – look for tall grass and neglected properties.

Web Sites: many list for sale and for sale by owner.

Wholesaler Lists: A good wholesaler can find you multiple properties.

Withdrawn MLS Listings: Easy to get from a friendly real estate agent.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to generate leads.

To start, pick ten ways for consistent lead generation and focus on those. In the beginning of our investing career, we walked neighborhoods with flyers and put magnetic signs on our cars. Why? Inexpensive and effective! Not glorious marketing techniques but we got leads and our very first seller called from our magnetic car signs while parked at a local grocery store.

The number one common element of real estate investing business failure is not treating it like a business. And, the most important step to establish in ANY new business is LEAD GENERATION. Without customers, there is no business.

Whether you’re looking for foreclosures, REO’s, owner-finance, HUD, wholesale, free & clear, rentals, fixer uppers, spread investing, etc., finding all revolves around having leads. Get busy and NEVER EVER stop marketing for leads!

Anything you’ve tried that’s not on my list?


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  1. Thanks, Dean. I’m so glad you found it helpful!

  2. As a real estate agent, I found this article to be extremely helpful in generating new leads for my business. The author provides a comprehensive list of 100 actionable ways to create real estate leads, ranging from social media marketing to community events. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on building relationships and providing value to potential clients, rather than solely focusing on sales tactics. I highly recommend this article to anyone in the real estate industry looking to expand their network and increase their lead generation efforts.

  3. Thanks, Michaela, for taking the time to comment.

    I agree, technology really can be quick and easy, especially in this time of Covid…

  4. Thanks for these tips for getting real estate leads. I like that you said that it can be smart to use websites to check homes that are for sale by the owner. I think it would also be smart to look into technology and apps that could help as well since that seems like a quick and easy way to get leads as well.

  5. I’m so glad you’ve found this helpful, Renee.

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  6. Great Post! This blog is so useful for a real estate website owner. These tips and ideas to generate leads are so awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Respect to website author, some superb entropy.


  8. Hi Malcome:
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    I’m so glad you found the post helpful and I wish you tremendous real estate investing success!

  9. Loved the detail in which the article is written, craigslist is one of the most underrated sites one can use for generating leads. Thank you very much for this informative article.

  10. Great comment! You’re correct, far more are getting their information online, but there is a segment of the population that still depends on the newspaper, mostly older individuals, and they are the ones we target for properties with high equity.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  11. Why do userѕ stіll read newѕpapers when in this technological globe
    all is preѕented on net?

  12. Thanks for the positive feedback, Preston, and way to do some awesome marketing!!!

  13. This was a great resource and it took tons of effort and time to make such a beautiful article. I have always enjoyed walking neighborhoods as well and door knocking. Also you can (with respect for the website) promote your website on websites like this one! Thank you so much for helping us out. GOOD LUCK NEW AGENTS!! :) http://www.TheBestRealEstateAgentInDenver.com

  14. Many agents feel that one of the easiest ways to generate real estate leads is with home seller web site that gives them their home value.

  15. Well congrats, Ava! And sounds to me like you owe me a breakfast!

  16. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who was conducting a little research on this.
    And he actually ordered me breakfast simply because I found it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this matter here on your web page.

  17. Thank you, Jason. And, you’re so right! Anyone could get leads if they hustle. Success doesn’t just happen, you have to work it!

    Best wishes to you.

  18. Love you list Karen. It’s pretty intense and overwhelming. I think just about anyone can take at least one or two of these strategies and start creating real estate leads if they really really hustle… It’s all about the hustle.

  19. Thank you so much, Janie!

  20. Hello Karen, my name is Janie Suarez, and I listened you and your story on the BP podcast and was phenomenal, so inspiring and amazing.
    Congratulations for all you have accomplished, you deserve it.
    And great article here by the way.

  21. Welcome, Stephanie!

    I’m so glad this was helpful and I hope some of my other posts will be, as well.

    I wish you tremendous investing success!

  22. Its my first year in real estate and this is so helpful. Thank you for this post.

  23. Hi Lauren:
    Yes, an great agent can be a wonderful resource in this business. Thanks for your comment!

  24. I signed up with Great Agent a few months ago. They’re new and have been awesome and I recommend them to anyone looking to get legit leads. Saves me so much time. Worth every penny.

  25. Good article. I definitely love this website.
    Keep it up!

  26. Thanks, Chad, for the great additions. Multiple languages is a MUST in 2016.

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  27. I would add to build a team.
    Have multiple cultures and languages.
    It is all a numbers game!

    Thank you Karen for this bit of information.

  28. Thanks, Taylor, for adding to the conversation!

  29. Hi,
    Great Tips. Here are some other ways to increase the lead :
    – Call everyone you know every couple months and ask.
    – Do Open Houses for other agents
    – Door knock and get to know everyone in your neighborhood
    – Talk to the person behind you, every time you stand in a line
    – Go where people gather and talk to everyone there (bars, community association meetings, public events, chamber of commerce meetings, etc. )

  30. Atchut:
    Thanks for adding to the conversation!

  31. Probates with Real Estate
    Obituaries with Real Estate
    Inherited properties
    Code Violations properties
    Absentee landlords

  32. Hi Marcia:

    So glad I could help!

  33. Hi Karen,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! As a new agent living in a new area and not knowing anyone, this will be a tremendous help to me.

    Have a Wonderful Day!


  34. Hi Benny:
    A lot of marketers now consider “squeeze pages” as something of the past. Most people are online now so much that, if they have to leave an email address before they get information, they simply leave and go somewhere else.

    I never recommend squeeze pages, however, I’m glad they work for you.

  35. You missed “Real Estate Squeeze Pages”. Or lead capture pages. Setup pages specifically for buyers and sellers for a steady flow of leads.

    Your article mentioned “Use simple ads with a USP, Unique Selling Proposition:”.

    This excellent advice should be used with the squeeze page. Create a USP that targets a specific group. For example a squeeze page for first time buyers, or an offer for a free home value report. It works.


  36. Getting them over the Internet is my favorite way.

  37. Thank you, Jesus.

    Best of luck to you!

  38. Very good information Karen. I’ll keep watching you.

  39. Hi Karen, I have a quick question but first my wife and I started real estate a year ago and teceny won rookie and most promising agent of the year along with other achievements largely on the back of dominating the private listing market in our city, we would list ore if them than all the other agents put together.

    However, my question, I’m looking at targeting the private listed rentals introducing myself and adding to a data base if they don’t currently have a preferred agent and sending out quarterly antler updates etc. I figure this will expand my data base rapidly in a very short time and creating opportunities for future listings as these investors eventually sell down. It appears I’m very good on the phone cold calling and have created some differentiation which is giving me great success.

    Your thoughts on this activity?

    Kind regards


  40. Hi Yvonne:
    Thanks for taking the time to let me know!

    Here’s wishing you tremendous success in your new business!

  41. Hello Karen! Thank you so much for sharing this information!! I am a new agent and really needed some ideas to generate new leads. This article was very helpful. Thank you!!

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  43. Very helpful. you actually opened my eyes to even more ways to get leads. thanks!

  44. Thanks for sharing, Joy.

    To your continued success!

  45. Just to add a comment, I have been using a great software that gives me unlimited buyer and seller leads! I can also fin FSBOs in my area to get listings from. Very cool! http://ultimaterealestatesoftware.net/

  46. Hi Moses:
    A birddog is someone who finds deals for you.

    They bring you a deal. When you close on it, you pay them a finder’s fee.

    Thanks for asking!

  47. Please elaborate on birddogs.

  48. Thanks, Anthony, for taking the time to comment.

    I wish you tremendous success in your real estate career!

  49. I appreciate the list very helpful, I’m in real estate school in Philly nervous but excited.

  50. Thank you, Judy, for taking the time to let me know this post helps you.

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  51. I’m a new real estate agent so this information was extremely helpful. Thank you.

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  53. Thanks Karen! Nice list! There is always a never ending way to go is there! I like your pick 10 idea…..I think people try so many things….Pick a few…and really go to it…Then add another…and another…But you can’t do it all at once!

    Thanks – Brian

  54. Good luck to you both, Hector!

    Let me know here any questions I can answer for you.

  55. Thank you for the information you shared. My wife and are working as a team and your ideas will help us out. Thank you :)

  56. Thanks for writing, Marisa.

    Hope this list is profitable for you!

  57. Awesome list Karen! Always looking for more lead generation ideas!! I’m using boldleads for ideas right now but this list is fantastic.

  58. I hope they bring you much success, Faruk.

  59. Very good ideas. Thanks

  60. Thanks for your input, Tatyana!

  61. Many agents feel that one of the easiest ways to generate real estate leads is with home seller web site that gives them their home value.

  62. Hi Kathy!

    Thank you so much for asking me.

    Unfortunately, I’m not much help as I am not a real estate agent, but a real estate investor. I recommend you contact agents at a number of different brokerages to see how they are paid and why they prefer the method they have chosen.

    I would love to hear back what you decide and why. :)

    To your success!

  63. Hi!

    Have had my real estate license for many years and have decided to make a career change and go into the real estate business. I am trying to decide which realty to select; any suggestions on what to be looking for? One is a commission split, another is a monthly fee of $35. per month with all commissions earned except $350.00 for each transaction. I will be a rookie, so any advice will be appreciated! Thanks!

  64. Hi Karen these steps helped me a lot and yeah am getting value out of it.


  65. Thanks for your comment, Flavia.

    I’d love to know how you generate regular business. Please share here, just as I have.

    To your continued success!

  66. Several good ideas. As a seasoned Realtor I now rely mostly on referrals. But since this business is “feast or famine” I can’t take a chance on not promoting my business. I used to struggle, but found a way to generate regular business. I’ll be glad to share it.Flavia Brown, Realto, South Bay of Los Angeles County

  67. You’re absolutely right, Gaby! Without marketing, you won’t have a business – not for long, anyway.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Here’s wishing you unlimited real estate success!

  68. As a Marketing and new real estate agent, I love your tips on how to generate leads, I a true believer that Advertising is the # 1 tool in any Business.

  69. Thanks, William!

    And here’s wishing you tremendous success as a California real estate agent!


  70. This is the best list that I have come across, also a few of the comments are great as well. Thank you for the tips. I’m a new agent as of 6-10-13 in CA! -Wishing you all the best.

  71. Fabulous! I love being able to help.

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  72. Excellent leads!! Thanks for sharing.

  73. Thanks, Jay, for letting me know this will help you and yours.

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  74. Karen,
    Very practical advise for realtors. We will reference this link to our realtor members. Even though we are just one method of lead generation, we would love for them to get more business following your suggestions. Thanks!

  75. So glad it’s helpful, Jennifer! Thanks for letting me know.

  76. Thanks for this awesome list! I’m a new agent and have been using these ideas…kudos to you!

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  78. I’d definitely have to agree with the social media tip. I’d also say that networking sources are also important. Some of the other ones are totally clever.

    Whenever I’m working with my SEO realtor clients, I try to stress that, although the traditional ways of generating leads are timeless, optimizing your website and developing a strong online persona can help build legitimacy with the general public.

  79. I’m trying to help!

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  80. Woah this blog is fantastic i really like studying your posts. Keep up the good work! You know, many persons are hunting round for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  81. Keep the leads coming

  82. Thank you so much, Andreas, for taking the time to connect all the dots.

    I certainly hope that you and yours are safe down under in Perth. My sister lives in Sydney so I’ve been watching their EXTREME temps – 114*F yesterday!! Ugh!

    Thanks, again, and I hope to get credit on Brooks’ sight.

  83. http://www.thesoutherninvestor.com/100-ways-to-get-real-estate-leads/comment-page-1/#comment-1557

    Greetings Karen,

    I originally read this article on the above site, and as it had been emailed to Brooks by his business partner, there was no credit to you as the source. I have advised Brooks of your site’s URL and I hope you two will start a good business relationship.

    I wish you all well.

    Andreas Krokene,
    Perth, Western Australia.

    PS: I found both sites while searching for ways that realtors (real estate agents in Australia) get their leads. It was just pure happenstance that I read Brooks article and then saw yours.

  84. Yes you can buy leads from a lead vendor.Research the conmpay, make sure they have the lead types you are looking for. Some key things you’ll want to look at:1. Lead type Life insurance, DI, homeowners ETC.2. exclusive lead or shared lead an exclusive lead will cost more because you are the only agent receiving it. a shared lead can go to many agents therefore is less expensive, but there will be Competition, the key with this type is to act fast!!!3. Freshness of the lead.4. How they do their marketing.5. Does their way of doing business work along with your agent budget.

  85. I am a real estate sign post rental and installation company in central west Florida. I have a client who placed a post in her personal yard and hung one of her own signs on it to create sales leads. She told me that she increased leads for the month by 9%.

    I have read in a couple of places that a 4 x 4 wooden sign post painted white will increase leads by as much as 12% on any given property. I’d be interested in seeing an actual study of this theory if anyone knows where I can see one.

    Art Wayland
    Titan Sign Posts

  86. Great ideas list Karen! I love it and will put several more to use…

  87. Can a married couple purchase a house using the wife’s credit ; but both husband and wifes income?

  88. Thank you, Tariq, for your comment.

    And, yes, many ways to market are free or inexpensive. Thing is, you just have to do it!

  89. Karen these are very useful tips, you can put everything on your side to generate leads! Lots of them are inexpensive or cost free tools. Great info…Thanks.

  90. Very creative, Allie!

    It’s all about networking, everywhere! You never know who will have a lead. Congratulations and good luck!

  91. I called all the bail-bondsman/bail-bonds women in my local phone book today. No one had property from their bonds to sell me but one bail bondsman has several personal properties he’s looking to sell. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a property or two off his hands!

  92. You’re so right!

    Thank you for your comment and, please, keep reading my blog!

  93. Excellent ideas here Karen! I’ve bookmarked your post for informational and inspirational reasons. Business potential is everywhere…if we have the eyes to see it.

  94. Thank you, Matthew, for your comment.

    I look forward to you following the articles and discussions here!

  95. Karen, one of the best ActiveRain Real Estate Network postings I have ever read: 100 Ways to Create RE Leads. You are the leader of the pack!

    Matthew Coates
    Phoenix homes for sale

  96. Don’t know who wrote this because they didn’t sign it, but it’s good so I’m adding it here, anyway!

    Karen, Nice list. Thanks for taking the time to be concerned for others.

    If I may offer another one, very similar I suppose to the carpet cleaning one in principal. Many years ago, I was the customer service/sales manager for one of the nation’s largest chemical lawn maintenance companies. I found over the years that some customers will live in a home with a lawn that’s in fairly bad condition and they don’t mind. But, if they decide to sell, they want the lawn looking as good as possible. It might be worthwhile to network with some of the more upscale lawn maintenance/nursery businesses in your area as well as any turf grass farms for these folks who are literally trying to improve their curb appeal.

  97. Oh, I would love for you to print it and I hope it helps everyone.

    Thank you so much for asking and thank you for reading my blog.

  98. Karen, Wow, you’ve left no stone unturned here…great stuff. Do you mind if I publish your info for Loan Officers in my next issue of http://www.LoanOfficerMagazine.com?

    It’s something that LO’s and agent could partner and work these angles together.
    Karen Deis

  99. Wayne:

    Wow! Thank you for this. Detailed and thoughtful.

    We will be implementing some of your ideas here in our office.

    Thank you so much.

  100. Karen, let me offer another few ideas.

    1) Partner with employers to be their referral of choice. As a mortgage lender we have put together a very slick marketing package of material and we also set up a password protected site for each company. As a lender we offer $500 off our fees, my real estate partner does the same thing. We get attorneys, appraisers, and other vendors to do the same thing. We have a kick-off and do monthly or quaterly lunchroom seminars on “How to Buy a Home”, “How to finance a Home”, “Credit Scoring”, and we even bring in finanical planners and other advisors. We want to be the one stop financial resource for them. If you look at the statistics the average person buys a new house every 7 years. If you sign up a company with just 400 employees, 57 off them on average will buy a new home. If you just capture 20% of them you have 1 new sale a month. This also works with neighborhood associations that don’t have their own website. Give them access to the one you set up and it can be used for association business but your photo is on the site everytime they look. Also Clubs, condo aasociations, etc.

    If your lender partner does have a program such as this they can affiliate with a company that has a complete turn key program including the websites, first class marketing material. The cost is only about $850 per year for as many employers you can set up.

    2) Someone who has been in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for two years and made payments on time can qualify for an FHA loan. It’s easy to find who filed two years and if they don’t list a house as an asset they are ripe for buying which is kind of the final touch on their financial turn around.

    3) Don’t forget seniors. With the reverse mortgage now available for purchases a lot of seniors are moving in to more appropriate housing.

    4) Public speaking at the local public libraries and Chambers. They are always looking for weekend one hour seminars.

    4) Lastly, veterans who have been active duty overseas. They still qualify for the $8000 and $6500 tax credits until next year. The list of active duty assignments should be fairly easy to obtain and would be a great group to market to.

    Sorry to be so long winded.


  101. from Sybil Owens:

    Great list, there are several that I will use. I also have 2 that after a quick glance at your I don’t see.

    1) Name Tag – very basic and simple, but it always sparks a conversation about real estate, and I have gotten several clients form this.

    2) Schools/Volunteering – I am quite active in my kids schools and PTOs, as well as with their Boy Scout troop and our neighborhood pool. Every e-mail I send to the school or other community groups has my Professional signature. I have also used school career days as an opportunity to have kids make refrigerator magnets to take home with them, and the principals allow me to provide magnetic calendars to the teachers. I average +/- 5 leads from schools and community activities each year without much effort.

  102. Jan Green (RE/MAX Excalibur, REALTOR,CDPE,SFR,ABR, EcoBroker,Scottsdale) comment:

    Great list! I’ve got a good one for you. License plates. Would you believe that I met a client in a parking lot because I had my company name on the front of my car on a $14 plate?! Sold them a $630,000 property w/cash because of that plate! Kudos for coming up with the list!

  103. Rose Marinaccio of Engel & Voelkers wrote suggesting hotels! Wow! When I was in furniture sales, I put my business cards and flyers in hotels. GREAT source of leads.

  104. Erica Ramus of Realty Executives Real Estate in Pottsville, PA, added her helpful comment:

    “It is good to be friendly with competitors, as I have gotten listings from expired listings when the ex-agent gives me a heads up (when they know they won’t get the extension).”

    Such good advice! Even your competitors can be of help! You help them and they’ll help you.

    Very good.

  105. René Fabre with The Talon Group) wrote and added one to the list. Here is his quote:

    Karen, nice list… I’ve been helping real estate agents with their prospecting for years and all your suggestions above do work. Also, most title companies usually have a customer service / property information specialist that can be your goldmine. It takes a creative thinker for sure, but that CS person sits on a lot data and many know how to manipulate it to find move up, move down, farms by QCD, etc.

    Thanks for that information, Rene!

  106. Thank you so much for your comment! And, yes, many people start a business and wait for it to succeed. Wrong approach!

  107. Excellent list, Karen. As with any business – it’s about what you put INTO it and not what you expect OUT of it that equals success. Thank you for the reminder that it is incumbent upon me to find my business and not wait for the phone to ring so I can take an order. Hahaha! As if that works for anyone!

  108. Hi Karen,

    Nice post. Here’s another for your list from my ebook, How to Find 100 Motivated Seller Leads.

    Barber shops and hair salons are great places to find bird dogs. Barbers and hair stylists talk to people all day every day. Just let them know what you do and how you can help others and they can be a hero to their other customers. If they give you a lead that pans out and you give them a $500 tip for your next haircut or perm…you’ll be the hero and everyone in the shop will hear about it!


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