18 Ways to Create Opportunities

18 Ways to Create Opportunities

You want to buy properties as investments, but how do you find them?  How do you promote yourself and what you do?

At a recent investment meeting, we made a list of ways to create opportunities. Some, as you can see, take your time – some take your money.  Which do you have more of?  And maybe that changes.  Here are some things we came up with.

  1. Website – Do you have one? You should.
  2. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in. How are you connected?
  3. Blog – pretty big time commitment. Do you have the time?
  4. Email Signature – great place to describe what you do or add links to your sites.
  5. Business Cards – get them and hand them out!
  6. Bandit Signs – know your local laws before you put them out.
  7. Post-it Notes – requires going door-to-door or paying someone to do it for you.
  8. Flyers – inexpensive and easy to distribute by hand or through the mail.
  9. Postcards – more expensive but more targeted to your exact audience.
  10. Handwritten Letters – very few people do this anymore and they really get noticed.
  11. Craigslist – it’s free and a very popular online source.
  12. Networking – in person, not just online.
  13. Newsletters – create your own or write for neighborhood papers.
  14. Magnetic Car Signs – I, personally, hate having them on my car, but they work!
  15. Vinyl Letters or wrap your vehicle.
  16. Door Knocking – may need a solicitors license – check your local ordinances.
  17. Google Places – great place to advertise.
  18. HOA Newsletters and websites. Many let you advertise for free.

What have you tried that works for you? What can you add to our list?

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