24 Helpful Home Remedies

24 Helpful Home Remedies

So many great home remedies. I can’t begin to remember all I’ve heard but I’ve written some down and researched more to add to my list. Hope you find something here that’s useful!

1. Listerine will clean grout between your ceramic tiles.

2. “I was at a deck party awhile back and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayed the lawn and deck floor with Listerine and the little demons disappeared. The next year I filled a 4-ounce spray bottle and used it around my seat whenever I saw mosquitoes. Voila! That worked as well. It worked at a picnic where we sprayed the area around the food table, the children’s swing area, and the standing water nearby.”
(I am not the originator of this story but I’ve heard it several times so I’m passing it on. I will definitely be trying this.)

3. Put a dryer sheet in your pocket and mosquitoes will not bother you. (I’ll be trying this, too!)

4. Coffee grounds on ant hills gets rid of ants in the yard.

5. Ground cinnamon works great on ant hills and kitchen counters.

6. To get rid of lime deposits use a mixture of vinegar and water.

7. To get something out of a heat register or from under the fridge, add an empty paper towel roll or empty gift wrap roll to your vacuum. It can be bent or flattened to get in narrow openings.

8. Pin a small safety pin to your hem and you will not have a clingy skirt or dress. Same thing works with slacks that cling. Place pin in seam of slacks and static is gone.

9. Before you pour sticky substances into a measuring cup, fill with hot water. Dump out the hot water but don’t dry the cup. Add your ingredient, such as peanut butter, and watch as it comes right out.

10. Foggy windshields? Keep a chalkboard eraser it in the glove box of your car. When the windows fog, rub with the eraser. Works better than a cloth.

11. Wrap celery in aluminum foil to keep it from going limp in your refrigerator.

12. A packet of sugar substitute sprinkled around crevices and cracks on counters or floors will get rid of ants. (what does this tell you about eating sugar substitute?)

13. Fill a small bottle (like a Windex bottle) with water and a few drops of dish washing detergent. Squirt on roses and other plants to remove aphids and other pests.

14. Have a sticky, food-baked on bowl? Place a half used dryer sheet and some warm water in the bowl. In 15 minutes, the stuck on food will rinse right out.

15. Problems with rabbits or other small animals eating your plants and flowers? Sprinkle a little red pepper on the plants.

16. Tuck a few pieces of charcoal in your toolbox to absorb any moisture that gets in and keep your tools from rusting.

17. Remove sticky price tags from glass by spraying with WD-40 or rub the glass with mayonnaise then soak in warm water. The label will peel right off.

18. Leftover coffee in the morning? Pour it around your geraniums to promote blooming. Also, the acid from the coffee is good in the ground around your hydrangeas. Coffee grounds placed on top of soil in potted plants greatly benefits them, especially ferns.

19. When you re-pot a houseplant, place a paper coffee filter in the bottom of the pot. This prevents soil from falling through the drainage holes.

20. Use coffee filters to:

  1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave.
  2. Clean windows or mirrors. Coffee filters are lint free so leave windows sparkling.
  3. Protect a cast-iron skillet. Place a coffee filter in the skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.

21. Dishwashing detergent gets grease stains out of your clothing. Cuts grease better than laundry detergent.

22. To prevent soot and creosote buildup on fireplace glass doors, wash glass often with a mix of one tablespoon sudsy ammonia to each cup of water. Let sit for several minutes then wipe off with newsprint or paper towels.

23. Hang clusters of cloves to repel flies.

24. Make sachets of dried lavender or equal portions of rosemary and mint. Place in closets, drawers, or closed containers to moth proof garments.

What can you add?

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  1. Wow, thanks, Eric! Growing up, we used wet tobacco on bee stings but now I don’t know anyone who smokes (hooray). Guess we all need to keep carburetor cleaner on hand!?! Love that one.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Ok my contribution that I know works. Vinegar on a bee sting makes the pain go away in just minutes and reduces any swelling. The other is carburetor cleaner on poison ivy on the skin will not harm you at all and will kill the chance of it spreading any further.

  3. Thank you for commenting! Glad you liked it.

  4. Amazing list! Thanks!

  5. Thank you, Tina.

  6. Thanks so much, Bill, for the comment. Glad to know you’re still a follower!

  7. Karen:

    Great List of ideas for eveyday problems!

    Bill Foreman

  8. Thank you for the comment!

    Let me know if the things you try work for you!

  9. Thanks for the great tips, Karen. We’ll be trying some of them.


  10. Thanks, Don, for reading it and for commenting. Have you looked at the rest of the site?

  11. Good Stuff Karen!

    Don J

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