9 Ways We Service Our Community as Real Estate Investors

9 Ways We Service Our Community as Real Estate Investors

As real estate investors we provide a tremendous service to many people in our communities, but we often get a bad rap. Why is that?

As a group, we haven’t done a very good job getting the word out about the benefits we bring into neighborhoods. Often, what people hear about real estate investors is the problems caused by the few unscrupulous ones. And many in the public think we are scammers and are out to take advantage and steal properties from unsuspecting or desperate sellers.

As an overall rule, nothing could be further from the truth. The positive impact we make on communities is extensive! Here are just some of the ways I’ve come up with on how we investors benefit our communities. In no particular order of importance:

1. We buy houses from sellers who want or need to sell.
In doing this, we help sellers move on with their lives and keep property values up as we reduce the number of for-sale properties on the market.

2. We buy run down, abandoned, vacant, and foreclosed properties that the average home buyer doesn’t want to purchase.
We’re happy to purchase and renovate these distressed properties which increases neighborhood property values and keeps crime and rodents from moving in.

3. We offer a fast, easy, convenient way for sellers to sell. Many sellers don’t want to sell traditionally – with an agent and their house listed on the MLS. Some don’t want strangers walking through their home for many and varied reasons. Some need to move immediately and can’t wait for a house to sell. Some houses need too much renovation before they can list on the MLS and sellers simply don’t have the money to fix them up first. We offer a tremendous service by:

  • allowing sellers to move on the day of their choice
  • letting them leave the house exactly as it is – no need for repairs or even clean out before we take over.

4. We renovate properties before we sell.
This increases neighborhood values by improving the overall appearance of the area. Some properties need only a minor face lift, but we also purchase extremely run down homes and put in significant time and money to fix them up. It’s not uncommon for neighbors to drop by during the renovating process to thank us for what we’re doing.

5. We sell properties at a good value to buyers.
Because buying and selling houses is our business, we want our properties “sold”, not “for sale”. We fix them up to a point where they are attractive and desirable to buyers, then list them for less than full retail so they sell quickly. Our buyers receive quality homes at great values.

6. We provide quality, safe, affordable housing for tenants.
Investors provide housing for a large segment of their communities, housing for those who are unable or don’t want to own a home of their own. Because we provide housing, we receive various tax benefits showing that even the government recognizes the service we provide.

7. We employ a lot of people, including:

  • building contractors
  • sub-contractors  (electricians, plumbers, dry wall installers, framers, roofers, painters, etc.)
  • HVAC contractors
  • landscapers
  • appraisers
  • inspectors
  • exterminators
  • real estate agents
  • lenders
  • title companies
  • insurance agents
  • attorneys
  • carpet cleaning companies
  • house cleaning companies
  • marketing companies
  • accountants
  • CPAs
  • and more

8. We support both small businesses and the big box stores.
Because we purchase A LOT of materials from local hardware and supply companies.

9. We provide great financial returns for financial investors who want to be involved in real estate.
Many people want to invest in real estate but don’t want to put in the time to own or manage their own properties. We offer returns on their funds secured by a tangible asset – real estate. And, we can offer much higher rates of return than they receive from banks, CDs, or their 401k.

When we come into a neighborhood, all the residents benefit. What can you add to the list?

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