A Storm is Coming! Be sure to…

A Storm is Coming! Don't Forget...

Here we go again! A major storm is about to head up the east coast. These few simple things you can do will help keep you and your home safer:

  1. Clean out gutters and down spouts
  2. Remove branches that are close to your house or hang over your roof
  3. Bring in all outdoor items including:
    • lawn furniture and umbrellas
    • yard tools
    • pots and accessories
    • trash cans
    • bikes
  4. Close fireplace dampers
  5. Know how to shut off: gas, water, electricity
  6. Have on hand:
    • water
    • flashlight
    • batteries
    • extra food and blankets
  7. Bring pets inside

Stay away from windows and be careful. Only 2 feet of water can carry a car away. Be alert and stay safe.

How did you prepare?

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