Are You Prepared for Retirement?

Are You Prepared for Retirement

Are You Prepared for Retirement?

Are you prepared for an unforeseen event that would prevent you from providing financially for your family?

Have you thought about it? You should.

Here are some really disturbing statistics:

  • 1 in 3 baby boomers have less than $1000 saved. (Is that you?)
  • 48 percent of working Americans haven’t calculated how much they’ll need to retire.
  • In 1950 there were 16.5 workers paying into Social Security to support one person getting benefits. Now there are 2.9 workers per recipient.
  • 75 percent of Americans can expect to run out of money before they retire.
  • 46 percent of financial planners have no retirement plan.
  • The average Mutual Fund investor receives 2.5 percent return annually.

Years ago we realized that we couldn’t work enough hours to save enough to generate the ongoing income we’d need during retirement. Our hope is that retirement lasts a long time. We don’t want to be forced work during it. Choosing to work after retirement is one thing, being forced to work is an entirely different thing. We also don’t want to depend on our kids or the government for aid – the government is broke, after all.

What to do?

You have options. Are you waiting? Or have you chosen to pursue an avenue to provide additional, ongoing, passive income when you’re no longer able or no longer want to work?

We searched for an income source that would continue to provide financially even when we were no longer working, and for us and our family, we found real estate.

Hopefully, there’s still time for you to find your solution. I encourage you to stop waiting and make a difference for yourself and your loved ones today.

Right now, do something productive for your future.

If you have questions about getting into real estate investing, please leave them here. I’d love to help you down the retirement path we’ve chosen!

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