Change your View of the World!

Change your View of the World!

How about a beautiful wall of windows? Check out this and other window walls at Nana Wall Systems.

I found this information at one of my new favorite sites, The Greenest Dollar. Thanks, Heather!

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  1. Thanks for your comments, Brian!

    We have been doing lease options as a way to sell for years. It has worked so well for our buyers. It feels great to be giving a chance to people who, otherwise, might not be able to buy.

    We set our monthly lease payments as close as we can to what it will cost them to own. When our buyers convert to owning, their monthly is very close to what they’ve been paying to us.

    And we have excellent records and can prove to the lenders their history of payment.

    Congratulations on your great work and thanks for taking time to write.


  2. To be Fair to The Tenant Buyer:

    If the banks do not fund the lease option, at the end of the lease, I would offer all option payments are CONDITIONALLY REFUNDABLE.

    Conditions include prompt rent paid, property kept up neat and tidy, reasonable access to inspections, property given back in the same condition as received.

    IMHO, new mortgages will need large down payments. The Tenant Buyer needs to have a FAIL PROOF way to get their money back.

    Market rent can not be increased. So Additional Option Monthly Option Payments can be added monthly, 2 separate checks. This way the loan origination has a paper trail on a saved deposit.

    The exercise price can be tied to a new appraisal, or the average of 2 appraisals. The Tenant Buyer may pay the same, or less, or more than today’s price.

    A Smart Seller will consider 30% to 50% of Lease – Rent payment more in the form of a CONDITIONALLY REFUNDABLE OPTION PAYMENT every month.

    With all the foreclosures and people mailing the keys back, there needs to be a fair way to allow people to have a chance to buy a house, but if they do their part, they also deserve their option money back, IF they pay on time and take care of the house.

    When you thionk about it, some houses do not come close to PITI Payment when compared to market monthy rent.

    So why not rent out the house on a lease option, and have the PITI Payment paid, with the excess in the form of a conditionally refundable option payment?

    PITI $2500,
    Lease $2000,
    Monthly Option Payment $500.

    Keep up the great work in NC,

    Brian Gibbons, 25 yr vet of RE

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