Designing a Bathroom

Designing a Bathroom

Have you ever redone a bathroom? I did and, boy, did I learn a lot. For those of you who haven’t yet but will, here are some things I learned that you may find helpful:

In one of our flips, we added a master bath that was about 9.5 feet by 10.5 feet.

What I found out with this project is that there are standard sizes and dimensions for items inside bathrooms. Who knew? In case you don’t, here’s what I found out:

* 2-1/2 feet x 5 feet is the standard bath tub size

* 32 inches x 32 inches is the typical size of shower stalls

* 2-foot depth is standard for actual space for clothes along a closet wall

* 2-foot deep cabinets in the bathroom are standard

* 32-inch doorways are ideal

* 24-inch space in front of a toilet or bidet is standard

* 30-inch space beside the full length of the tub is typical

* 60 to 72 inches of space is required for double bowl vanities

* 30 inches is standard vanity height (ours are 38 inches!)

* 60 inches must separate a light switch from a water source

* 7-1/4 inches high (or less) and 10 inches deep are standard for a tub step

* 26 inches off the floor is the standard height for toilet paper holders

* 14 inches wide x 16-1/2 inches long is the standard toilet bowl size (from the center of the seat hinge holes to the front edge of the outside rim)

* 14 inches wide x 18-1/2 inches long is the standard elongated toilet bowl size (from the center of the seat hinge holes to the front edge of the outside rim)

Here’s hoping your “bathroom from scratch” turns out to be great!

And, what tips can you share for renovating a bathroom?

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  1. I take it you have another bathroom to use in the mean time!

    This space was a spare room with no closet and there was no master bedroom in the house so we knocked out walls and we’re adding a bath and closet. It’s too much space for either one, not enough space really for both so.. I’m struggling!

    Good luck with your project and thanks for the comment!

  2. Good luck! ;o)
    We are in the middle of the same project. We have divided our adventure with the bathroom into couple of phases. So, this will be a long term fun ;o)

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