Do Your Customers Trust Your Brand?

Do Your Customers Trust Your Brand?


I’m off to pick up my new car. It’s 2000 miles away. I’m buying a used (2004) BMW sight unseen.

I asked my husband, “am I crazy? I haven’t seen it or driven it. Plus, it’s a convertible and I’ve never driven a convertible before.”

His answer was short and sweet, “you trust the brand.”

Yes, I do. I have a BMW that I absolutely love. I’ve driven it for eight years with no problems. Tune-ups and tires – that’s it. I definitely trust the brand.

Do your customers trust yours? It certainly got me thinking about our customers – our buyers, sellers and employees.

Who are your customers? What have you done for them lately? What do you do for them consistently?

Do your customers trust your brand? Do you give them reason to?

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