Follow Up with Every Potential Customer

Follow Up With Every Potential Customer

In our investment meetings we talk a lot, naturally, about buying and selling homes. Many investors are far too eager, wanting a quick deal. The reality is, no matter what business you’re in, the majority of your sales come from building a relationship with your customer, not from trying to sell something. You are building a relationship around their needs and your ability to address those needs.

In my recent post about Marketing, I talked about focusing your marketing on the client rather than on yourself, and about telling them the benefits of buying from or working with you. You must first know your client, then meet their needs.

We had a wonderful follow up to this conversation in our mastermind chat room. A Raleigh member shared this with our group about his experience with customer follow up:

1. After 16 touches over a one year period of time, the client let us know that he was ready to use our services! We ended up renting his house in 5 days.

2. Another customer decided, 6 months ago, that he would use the services of another company. I kept touching base with “value add” material. I also marked his 6 month anniversary with the company he chose over us to find out if he was happy. Turns out he was not happy and he just moved his business to us. In this case, the property came with a renter.

Although these are both property management stories, the underlying principle holds true in an company that has a “sales” element (i.e. including buying houses). The principle is keep touching the prospect, keep adding value and keep at it until they tell you to go away. Congratulations to Fred Fetterolf of Betteroff Properties for his success!

What this means for you is two fold: (1) always market to your customer’s needs and (2) don’t stop. We all want to feel significant. Continue to be of service to all potential clients, prove to them the benefit they will find in working with you, and you will grow your business tremendously over time.

What are you doing to follow up?

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