Gain 10 Extra Hours Next Week!

Gain 10 Extra Hours Next Week!

Would you like to gain 10 extra hours each week without extra work or strain?

Many investors complain that “there’s just not enough time” to get everything done.   Well, here are some things to consider!

How much time do you spend on average:

  • watching TV each week _____________________
  • randomly surfing the internet ____________________
  • doing low level email _____________________
  • commuting to work ____________________
    Bonus Time

  • cleaning each week ____________________
  • yard work each week _______________________
  • chores you could hire out (cars, repairs, computer problems)_____________________
  • low level business activities you could pay someone to do (bookkeeping, clerical, administrative, legwork, manual labor) __________________________

Total Hours ______________________ per week

Multiply by 52 weeks **___________________**

You’ll be amazed how quickly these little time wasters add up to a huge impact in your schedule. We urge you to keep track for at least one week. Unnecessary things are eating into your time and you’re totally unaware if you’re not paying attention.

What have you found that’s stealing your time?

Take control of more of your time and begin making your time work for you!

To your success!

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