Getting Ready to Paint? 10 Color Tips..

Getting Ready to Paint? 10 Color Tips..

This was the living room in my last house. As you can see, I love color! The best thing about paint is it’s a cheap and easy way to change your life. Bored? Paint! Change your mind, paint again! Afraid? Start in a closet or laundry room. Color will completely change your mood.

Here are some easy, interesting tips for choosing color:

    1. Afraid of color but bored with white? Pick a neutral that you love but go one shade darker to get away from the blahs.
    2. Use a contrasting color on an accent wall such as behind the television or on the window wall.
    3. Paint the ceiling a color. A couple of shades lighter or darker than the walls is safe and creates an interesting contrast. I suggest a couple shades lighter in a small space so the ceiling feels higher. In our sunroom, the walls are green (obvious choice!) and the ceiling is the same color. I wanted it to feel like you’re outside in the trees!

  1. Paint a small powder room black. Yup, it’s fabulous. Black actually makes the room seem larger as the walls disappear. Artwork and gold framed mirrors really pop against the black background.
  2. Change the sheen. Eggshell creates a matte and less reflective finish. Try high-gloss on the ceiling to reflect light. High gloss on trim makes them easier to wipe clean. Remember, high-gloss will show bumps and dents so make sure you have a smooth surface.
  3. Try a different beige. It’s easy to stay conservative with a gentle move toward the mushroom, coffee or khaki beiges. Going toward a color is safe, but warmer and far more interesting to the eye.
  4. Don’t forget brick. I always paint brick fireplaces to match the wall color. The room looks more spacious and clean.
  5. Lighting makes a big difference. Your walls will look slightly different at different times of the day and the 4 walls will look different from each other. Natural daylight shows the truest color; incandescent lighting brings out warm tones and yellows; fluorescent lighting casts a blue tone.
  6. Buy a small “tester” can to try out colors. Paint only one wall or a large space on a single wall. Let it dry. Look at it at different times of the day and evening to determine if you like it before you commit.
  7. Remember, paint darkens when it dries.

What’s been your paint experience?

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