Goal Setting

Are You Able to Focus?

If you want success in any area of your life, set and write down your goals. Here we are at the perfect time of year to do that.

Goal setting keeps you on track and keeps your “reason” always in front of you.

I’ve already written Goal Setting, Why you Need To and How, so check that out.  In addition, I have a wonderful CD by Tony Robbins on goal setting and I want to share some of his great tips with you.

Why are goals so important? We use them to create our future in advance,  we shape our own destiny.  We can absolutely control what we do even though we can’t control what happens in the outside world. Controlling our own destiny is powerful.

Goals must be inspiring!  (not, “I must pay my bills today”)  They create power that creates our success. If the goal is exciting enough, you will find a way to make it happen.  What you focus on occurs.

Why goals work. Thoughts are things and what you think about consistently comes real in your life.  Everything you have around you right now was once only a thought.  You made what you see around you happen.  Create it first in your mind.  You are in the state of creation.

Create goals for every area of your life because if you don’t know what you’re moving toward, you won’t get the most out of yourself. Think about what you want ultimately as well as what you want for today.

  • set financial plans
  • set physical goals
  • set emotional goals
  • set spiritual goals
  • set relationship goals

Design road maps necessary for success. Do it in detail. Review them regularly.

Don’t worry about how you will do it when you begin, just get it down on paper.  The magic starts with taking impulses of desire and something happens when you write it down, you become a creator.

Don’t only set goals but get clear on the reasons why you want them.  Purpose is stronger than outcome!!!

Set goals seriously and do it consistently.  Don’t take it lightly, realize the power of these goals.  Know WHY you’re going for your goals so your enthusiasm doesn’t die.  Reasons come first, answers come second. Get a big enough reason and you’ll find a way to make it happen. Every great success understands the why behind their power.

When you set a goal, you are acknowledging to your conscious and subconscious minds that you’re not what you want to be.  Your brain becomes dissatisfied.  When we get dissatisfied, that’s when we get the power. Success can be a trap.  Success leads us to party; failure leads us to ponder.

Pressure creates behavior. Learning to manage pressure and tension is what you must do to feel balance and success. Without pressure, we have no motivation.  If you see you’re not there, you have drive – welcome it and look at it everyday.

No, you’re not lazy, you just have impotent goals! Create goals that can create an amazing future for you. There is tremendous power if you get committed enough.


Sit and imagine, what would the price be in your life if you didn’t achieve these goals?  If you achieved it, how do you feel? Imagining the results of success or failure allows you to see the benefit as well as the pain, the loss.  Clarity is power.

Beyond January, review your goals every month.  You’ll be amazed at your increased efficiency and how this keeps you on track to becoming more of who, and what, you want to be!

Today can be the beginning of a new life. What have you done to begin making your dreams a reality?

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