Yup, it’s that time. And it’s really important to slow down and think about where you are and where you want to be. After all, if you’re not intentionally headed somewhere, you won’t get what you want and you won’t understand why you haven’t! Besides, you have 7 days in every week so think about what you want to use those days to accomplish for your life.

It’s time to figure out what you want to do, and focus on making it happen:

1. If you don’t have a target, you’ll never hit it. Think about and write out your goals. There’s power and momentum that happens in the act of writing. Written goals become materialized, even if just on paper, and your focus becomes clear and directed.

2. Goals must be measurable to keep you on track and on time. Once you have your vision, it’s easy to break the process into manageable steps.

3. Think about what you truly want for your life. Write your goals for the next 1, 3, 5 and 10 years. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just dream. Of course you won’t know the “right” answers because you don’t have a crystal ball, but dream.

4. At this time next year, do you want to be: in the same job, the same house, have the same income? In three years? In five? How soon do you want to be able to make a change? How long until you decide what you’re doing is/isn’t working?

5. What year do you want to be financially free? Be specific. When I did our first timeline, I put 15 years = retired. It happened in six. If you don’t write down what you see today, you won’t know if you:

  • hit it accurately
  • are able to move faster than you anticipate, or
  • are not moving fast enough and need to make adjustments.

6. Future goals need to be discussed and a plan laid out. Once you’ve thought some things through and written them out (your spouse or partner should be doing this on his/her own), sit down together and discuss. Just like before marriage when you asked: Where do we want to live? Are we going to rent an apartment or buy a home? Do we want kids? How many and when?  Are you on the same future page?

This is how Jim and I started. We had never written goals. We’d talked about doing it. We believed it had power but, we’d never done it. Once we did, we discovered, WRITING THEM OUT IS SO POWERFUL!

This exercise showed us our strengths and weaknesses. We accomplished our one, three, and five year goals in the first six months! Since we’d never done it before, we had no idea what we could accomplish in a year. We’d never measured and tracked progress or lack of. We discovered (1) we could accomplish more than we realized in a very short time and (2) we were probably moving way too fast!

Tracking also gives opportunity to celebrate accomplishments instead of missing them in the rush of daily life.

Start writing out goals today. Be specific. You can create goals for every area of your life – health, wealth, career, spiritual, family, giving, whatever is important to you.


“Where intention goes, energy flows.” Let me know what you did and what you discovered through the process.

Here’s to hitting your goals!

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