How Investing Fits into the Family Real Estate Business


Sharon Vornholt interviewed me on investing as a family business. Please listen to the podcast here and read Sharon’s words below. Thank you, Sharon, for the interview!

My guest for today’s podcast is Karen Rittenhouse from Greensboro, NC.  Karen has been a full time real estate investor since 2005, and has bought and sold hundreds of  single family homes.  She is also coach, a trainer, a blogger and has written several books.

You might remember that Karen was featured in my Successful Women in Real Estate Investing” series a while back. If you missed that post, just click on the link above.

Karen is just like most other women in this business.  She has a family, the normal problems that come along in this life, and she has been an integral part in building her family real estate business.


Show Notes  

  •  How Karen got started
  • How they initially decided how many properties was “enough”
  • Changing their initial “plan”
  • Growing to 130 properties in their portfolio
  • What came first – investing or the real estate company?
  • How long it took Karen and Jim to quit their jobs and invest full time
  • Scaling up to a much bigger business; how the concept of “Buy, Sell, Rent, Manage” evolved
  • How their decision to open a property management company resulted in the decision to open a real estate brokerage
  • Tips for working with your spouse (and loving it)
  • Their primary investing strategies; how the economy has an effect on their choices
  • Whether any of the Realtors working in her company are investors
  • The benefits of having a “certified renovator” on their staff
  • The legality of the investing side of the business VS the “retail” real estate side of the business
  • Choosing the right attorneys for your team
  • Tell me about your property management company
  • Have you had any legal or ethical conflicts by having both a residential side/Realtor side of your business and an investing side?
  • Finding creative solutions in their business for sellers
  • Marketing strategies for both sides of the business

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