It Doesn’t Get any Better than This!

It Doesn't Get any Better than This!

Looking back through what we have accomplished over the years buying houses, there is one particular deal that will always be special to me.

My very first week in this business, my phone rang. As I reached to pick up the phone, I noticed the caller ID said, “US Government”. I freaked, thinking I was already in horrible trouble.  But wait, I hadn’t done anything yet.

Turns out the call was from a woman living in Baltimore. She had purchased a condo here for her son while he attended the local University. He had since married and moved into a house. He, apparently, had seen my car with “we buy houses” magnets on the doors (which I hated passionately but… they work).  Their condo had been listed with a Realtor for a year and the seller was very frustrated and confused. Why had it not sold? Well, I did what I could to find answers to her questions and gave her a price I could pay to purchase it from her.

I let her know that I may not be her best solution as I was not the end user and, therefore, could not pay retail for her property, but I assured her that I am “A” solution and I explained my offer. Because I am an investor and plan to make my profit in the future, (and because I was new and scared and really hoped she would say “no” because I wasn’t sure what to do if she said “yes”) my offer meant that she would have to PAY us $9200 TO BUY HER CONDO!

She listened, said she understood and that she would think about it. About an hour later, she called and asked, “If we do this, how would I pay you ?”

Lesson here, never think for the seller. We closed on that property, I cashed the $9200 check and we have a tenant in that property still today.

Every bit of the $9200 was spent marketing to grow our business and we have never looked back.

Since that time, it has been proven over and over to us that, when you solve someone’s problem and allow them to carry on with their life, we in turn are helped beyond measure in this business that we love. This woman had been unable to solve her problem in a state far away. We helped her with it and are still being paid for what we did.

Believe this and always know that, as long as you continue to put your customers first,  your business will be successful.

What can a $9200 check do for your business?

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  1. Thank you, Susan.

  2. What a great story, I loved reading it after hearing you recount it last week. Continued success to YOU two !!!

  3. WOW! I love this story! This is why we jumped in HEAVY! The marketing surely paid off!

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