Online Marketing – Any Marketing, Actually


Online Marketing - Any Marketing, Actually


I just returned from a 4 day event on online marketing. As a real estate investor, we market online every single day. Do you?

So, my mind is, as usual, wrapped up in marketing ideas, techniques, strategies. Personally, I read and research marketing constantly. After all, everyone of us is continuously marketing something, perhaps only ourselves. Even in a job interview, you’re marketing.

The most important and single thing about marketing that I want to emphasize to you here is: marketing is NEVER about you – it’s ALWAYS about your customer.

If you’ve ever done any marketing, and if you’re doing any now, go back and read your copy.

  • How much of it is devoted to talking about you?
  • How much of it is devoted to talking about your product?
  • How much of it is devoted to talking about your customer?

Bottom line, the customer doesn’t care about you; they actually don’t care very much about your product.

What everyone cares about first and foremost is themselves. When looking at your product, they want to know:

  • What will it do for me?
  • What problem of mine does it solve?
  • How will it make my life easier?

Features vs. Benefits

Features list factual statements about your product or service – lighted dial, more cubic feet, polished stainless steel, remote activated, runs continuously, open 24 hours, four bedrooms.

Benefits tell your client what the product will do for them -lighted dial eliminates the struggle to find the time in the dark; remote activated means less effort and steps for you; runs continuously means you won’t have to worry about turning it on and off; open 24 hours means it’s there anytime you need it; four bedrooms is a spacious family home.

In your marketing, determine how you can tweak your conversation from listing features to listing benefits. For example, real estate ads list all of the property features: number of bedroom, bathrooms, if it has a den, a fenced yard, a fireplace. Those are necessary, of course, in a property listing, but don’t forget to add the benefits: your children can walk to school; think of all the time you’ll save living close to all the available shopping; large deck in fenced backyard allows quality entertainment time with your family.

Benefits are really just a discussion of how the feature adds value to your life or theirs. But the benefits are what the customers are looking for.

Make sure your marketing is about them, not about you. Make sure it talks about how it will improve, solve, assist, ease areas of your client’s life. Stop focusing on what you have to offer, start focusing on why they want it so they’ll focus on that, too.

Does this make you rethink your marketing? This small tweak should increase your sales, dramatically. Give it a try and let me know.

To your success!



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