Overcoming Your Fears – How do You?

Overcoming Your Fears - How do You?

How do you overcome your fears? Or do you simply let them stop you in your tracks?

Are you willing to give up “the best” and settle for simply “good enough?”

Anthony Robbins was our business and personal coach. At his events, he always prepares the attendees for “overcoming opportunities” with the intention of helping us learn to push ourselves beyond our natural limits – to never give up – to always reach for something bigger. At the first one, we walked on fire.

Well, one of my big fears is the fear of heights. In this video, you’ll see me struggle with my big fear – but ultimately not be stopped by it!

It’s important that we all learn to push through and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors. After all, the only thing that can truly stop us is ourselves – our conversations, our thought processes, our beliefs – the things that  ultimately lead to our behaviors.

What is in your way that you simply need to discuss/think/believe differently about so you can move yourself or your business to the next, higher level? You can absolutely think higher and overcome anything that’s stopping you.

What is it that’s stopping you? Once you recognize it, what will you do differently to move beyond it?

Here’s wishing you ultimate unlimited success.

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  1. Rick:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and for the Helen Keller quote.

    I appreciate you.

  2. I love this video because it captures the complete essence of fear. You can feel it as your struggling to make the final move. It’s that universal feeling we all have when directly up against whatever it is we are fearing. I will watch this again when I am ready to go make some direct inperson calls to some agents and phone calls to sellers ect. It puts it all into perspective so very well.

    Thought you might enjoy this quote-
    “Life is either a daring adventure OR NOTHING! To keep your face toward change and behave like a free spirit in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable”

    Helen Keller

  3. Who came up with the idea of jumping out, anyway? And how did it catch on???

    Thanks for writing, Rick.

  4. Excellent Karen!! You did it. I noticed your posts on Bigger Pockets and went to check out your Blog. I am an airline pilot and fly at 37000 all the time. But I don’t have to jump out!!

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