Real Estate Cycles

Real Estate Cycles

Interesting graphic that shows how the real estate market ebbs and flows from Bottom to Expansion to Exuberance to Contraction to Full Downturn.

Where do you think your market is right now?




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  1. Well, what goes up does come down. Real estate is very cyclical.

    Some areas saw a bigger decline in values during 2008-2010 – like Phoenix and Las Vegas, but the decline was pretty much coast to coast. The important thing is to be prepared for a decline no matter when it comes or how severe it becomes.

    Thanks for asking and be prepared!

  2. So, we should see a decline in places like San Diego and Denver?

  3. I hope it helps, James!

  4. Great graph to keep close. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Flor:
    Thanks for writing! I’m glad we’ve connected.

    To find great deals in the Charlotte area, check out the monthly Deal Maker Sessions. You can find them on – a group of investors getting together to buy and sell exclusive (non-MLS) wholesale deals.

    I hope we meet sometime in Charlotte! Thanks for reaching out and I wish you tremendous real estate investing success!

  6. Hello Karen,
    I’ve been a RE. agent since 2005, I was personally caught up in all this roller coaster. I’m now very interested in buying properties SFH and Multi for long term hold. Looking at the above chart, I believe that Charlotte is farther ahead in the cycle closer to early-mid exuberance. I find unbelievable the prices that people are willing and somehow able to pay in 2017-2018. Many of the lower income earners are pushing their budgets to get loans close to $200k and have an extremely hard time fighting the investors and other buyers in bidding wars. I’ve been listening to the Bigger Pockets Podcast for a few months now and decided to go to the beginning of their recordings and was so happy to hear your story on episode 2. I was even happier when I heard you are in Greensboro. I will continue to read your posts and look forward to feeling confident in my ability to approach sellers for subject 2, seller financing, or explaining my purchase price compared to retail,etc. Thank you

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