Real Estate is the Best Niche

Real Estate is the Best Niche

I heard the greatest line from John Reese. John is a mega entrepreneur and regularly makes $1 million a day online. This is the type of person I seek out to learn from.

“Don’t look for niche markets – go where the money flows and get into the stream.”

Chances are, if you find a “niche,” there’s no money there or someone would already be doing it. Besides, why do you want to spend time creating a market and leading customers to it, when others have already taken the time to do that for you? Go where the success is.

Hence, my niche, real estate.

Everyone lives somewhere. Everyone works somewhere. Everyone shops somewhere. Our population increases every year and no more real estate is being made. Want to make a ton of money? Jump into the real estate stream.

Research. Find which area interests you. The real estate market is so varied: Single family homes, multi units from duplexes to apartment complexes, commercial real estate including office complexes, shopping centers and hotels. Are you inside a building? Someone owns it. Are you outside? Wherever you’re standing, pretty good chance someone owns it.

What do you want to own?

Get educated. Read books, go to seminars, join like-minded groups. Most importantly, find a coach.

Who is already doing, successfully, what you want to do? That’s your mentor. Pay them whatever it takes. Their success cost them, so invest in their knowledge to speed up your own learning curve, to keep you away from the cliffs and to help you over the obstacles.

Would you pay someone $1,000 if they could make you $10,000? Would you pay someone $10,000 if they could make you $100,000? Would you pay someone $100,000 if they could make you millions? I would and I have. Follow a path to success that someone else has already traveled.

Seven years ago, I was in retail sales selling high end furniture and making a very good living. I wasn’t satisfied. I saw so much more around me and wanted a piece of it. So, I researched to determine how to make a lot of money. My answer was and still is, real estate.

I read books, went to seminars, joined groups of like-minded people and found a successful coach. I’ve had a number of coaches over the past 6 years – real estate, business, and life coaches. I’ve payed well into the six figures for that coaching and have made well into the seven figures for my return.

There’s a lot of money out there, especially in today’s economy. Don’t let the news media frighten you into stagnation. Find what interests you and go for it. Pay for the best guidance you can find, and jump into your stream of success.

What’s your passion?




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