Small Homes are Now the Big Demand

Small Homes are Now the Big Demand

There’s no place like home.

And small is the new big? Yup. Can’t afford to move? Not to worry. The trend today is fixing up what you have and making it more livable. How do you live? What does your family enjoy? Make your home more functional and efficient. That’s what a home’s for anyway, right?

The McMansions are out of favor. Too many rooms. Too much maintenance. Too much waste. With today’s economy we’re all watching the budget and that includes utilities. Why heat and cool rooms you don’t use on a regular basis?

This economy is bringing on a whole new world, and its not all bad! Maybe you can’t sell because so much is on the market. Maybe you can’t afford the new home you wanted. Maybe you can’t even afford to go out to eat anymore. But, guess what? Now we can get back to basics, the joys of living in and loving the home we’re in.

Now we get to embrace smaller and better-designed homes. Quality becomes more important than size. Focus on updating your house. Keep what you have in terms of square footage and just make some improvements to it.

Partial kitchen or bathroom remodels will make the spaces more functional and up-to-date. You’ll be more comfortable in them, they’ll have fixtures you love and functionality you’ve been wanting. Add new cabinets or built-ins, not just in the kitchen and bath, but in bedrooms and living areas. Its all about livability.

Remodeling is a more of a bargain today. Many in the construction trade are looking for work and, in many areas, prices have dropped due to competition. Construction materials have not increased this year. It’s a great time to take advantage of pricing for remodeling.

One of your best returns always is updating your home. It not only makes it more enjoyable, but if you were to resell it, nothing moves better than a home that has been kept up and updated.

There’s no place like home!

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