Social Media Marketing – How Well Are You Using It?

Social Media Marketing

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  1. We can’t keep up with all the changes happening so quickly! How nice to remember the days when there were 3 tv channels and they went off at midnight. Everyone rested. Ahhhh, the good ol’ days!

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  2. Amazing statistics. I was born during the Great Depression. There was no social media then, there were no TV’s or copying machines, and camera’s had film [ever heard of that]. We did have a radio, with tubes of course because the transistor had not been invented yet. Dick Tracy had a wrist radio which was pure science fiction. We received the news in the daily newspaper or on radio which was usually reported a day or more later, especially if it was from another country. We saw news reels in the theaters that were several days old as there was no instant news shown 24/7 via satellite.

    Even science fiction writers never thought of computers or email. If you wanted to write someone, you had to mail a letter through the post office and had to wait probably 2 weeks for your letter to get to the person you wrote and for them to respond. My mother wrote her sister and other family members every week to let them know what was going on in our lives. We did have a telephone, with a party line of course, so you could call long distance but the charges were so high, you only called in case of emergencies.

    Life was more simple then with out many of the problems we face today. Modern technology has certainly changed the way we live so happy emailing, tweeting, and texting.

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