The Essential Handbook for Landlords

The Essential Handbook for Landlords

It’s finally finished!

There is so much wealth to be created by owning real estate, and the more you know about the Dos and the Don’ts of being an effective landlord, the easier and more profitable landlording will be.

In The Essential Handbook for Landlords, you learn the process of acquiring, fixing up, filling, and managing the properties you own.

Whether you’re just getting started in the property investment business or you have years of experience, this book will provide the checklist you need for ongoing landlording success.

You’ll discover how being a landlord allows you to: help others by providing a secure place for them to live, manage and run your own business, grow your financial freedom.

I’ve just sent the manuscript to the editor, so it should be available for purchase by mid-August.

Let me know if you’d like an autographed copy!

To your Landlording Success.

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  1. Thanks, Mike!

    Did you see it on Amazon? Only $2.99 for the eBook!

    Thank you!

  2. Congratulations Karen! I would very much like a copy. Would be glad to spread the word around Atlanta for you in return. @MikeKellyinATL

  3. I will ship you my very first copy!

  4. I want an autographed copy.

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