The Hardest Thing About Real Estate Investing

The Hardest Thing About Real Estate Investing


  1. buyers (retail or investors)
  2. sellers (retail or investors)
  3. attorneys
  4. title companies
  5. real estate agents
  6. insurance agents
  7. contractors
  8. roofers
  9. electricians
  10. plumbers
  11. carpenters
  12. landscapers
  13. appliance salespeople
  14. big box home improvement salespeople
  15. tenants
  16. employees
  17. just to name a few.

So what’s the problem with having people involved in your real estate business?

Anyone of them can, at any time, mess up any part of the transaction. And who pays for that? Probably you.

Ever been to court to defend your rights? Don’t bother. Time and expense is not worth it even if you win the case. It’s still up to you to collect any monies awarded and the money probably won’t cover the time and expense – mental, emotional, and physical – it costs you to win. Settle before you get to court, even when it costs you.

But, and this is big, in spite of all of the myriad of places where people can screw up your efforts, this business is still worth it.


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