The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed

The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed

Having just been at a 9 day event with Anthony Robbins, I thought this was amazing to share.

We hear so much about our deficit and how we can fix it – like tax the rich or stop the wars. Take 20 minutes to watch this video – just the last 10 minutes if you don’t have much time.

You’ll be amazed.

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  1. Hi Chad:
    Greater minds than mine can’t figure this out so I certainly don’t have the answers, unfortunately…

    What I love about investing in real estate is that we get to create and control our own micro-economy. Yes, what happens on the national and international scale affects us, but we have far more control over our financial lives than anyone with a w2 job and employer.

    I do not fear a huge collapse (I am definitely an optimist) but I believe the economy will be bouncing along the bottom here for quite some time – another 5-10 years would not surprise me.

    Praying for the best – preparing for the worst. Information is power. Stay informed, stay aware, keep looking up!

    Thanks for asking.


  2. This make me want to invest in a “bug out” location or move to another country. Because it certainly seems like a total collapse is imminent.

    Who owns the debt?

    What happens when they file bankruptcy?

    Do you think there will be a collapse karen?


  3. You’re welcome, Michelle.

    Very few people realize the enormity of the numbers. We hear them so often now that we totally ignore them and think of a trillion as meaningless.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. That is one scary video! All that “taking” to get us through just one year and then yes, the golden goose would be history and then what? It IS more than just a number and it is frightening to stop and think about where our country is headed. Thanks for posting that Sharon!

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