We Truly are Living in an Extraordinary Time

We Are Truly Living in an Extrodinary Time

We Truly are Living in an Extraordinary Time

We truly are living in an extraordinary time. Extraordinarily good! Though you wouldn’t always know it by listening to the news.

Did you know that hearing all the negative can make it hard for you to see the positive?

Our minds naturally pay attention to the negative because nothing is more important to us than survival. The amygdala is a primal spot in the brain that picks up the negative before anything else for our own protection. But all the negative going in can rob us from the reality of abundance around us.

We Truly are Living in an Extraordinary Time

Did you know we are living in the most peaceful time in the history of humanity? And, we have redefined poverty. In America today, the majority of people living under the poverty line still have electricity, toilets, water, TV, air conditioning, mobile phones and cars.

In today’s world, our companies, yours and mine, are capable of touching a billion people.

To be truly successful in life, you need to see the success and abundance around you. To know more and be encouraged and motivated, I highly recommend the book, “Abundance”, by Peter Diamandis.

Have you read it? What can you add to the idea that we’re living in an extraordinary time?

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  1. Keely: I’m reading his latest book Abundance. It’s fabulous. One of his comments is: “Forget the hole we’re in being too deep to get out of. In truth, there’s really not much of a hole.”

    Thanks for commenting! I totally agree with your statement.

  2. LOVE this post! I never understiod the biological reason behind our tendency to be drawn in by the negative. Fascinating, and makes it much easier to resist the allure. Thank you, Karen.

  3. Yep, listening to the nightly news one wouldn’t think we were living in the most peaceful time ever or that illiteracy has increased from 25% to over 80%. We sure have come a long way.

    This was a very interesting talk, Karen, thanks for sharing! I love reading/watching these informational tidbits you send out.

    By the way, the thing that really got me (and never fails to amaze me), is that the majority of people who live in poverty still have shelter, running water, A/C, cars, TVs, and mobile phones. THAT floors me every time I hear it!

  4. Thank you, Ed!

    So great to hear from you!

  5. Enjoyed the talk VERY much. Love your weekly blogs. Best to you and Jim! Keep up the great work!! ED

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