What Have You Done for Your Clients Lately?

What Have You Done for Your Clients Lately?

What Have You Done for Your Clients Lately?

I recently had an amazing experience, thanks to the forethought of the developers at Apple.

On a cross country business trip, after sitting down and securely buckling in on our second flight, I realized my iPhone was no longer with me.


Upon arrival at our final destination, I used my husband’s iPhone to activate the “find my iPhone” app. Have you ever needed/used it? Fortunately, I’d never had reason – up to that point.

Once in the app, I clicked the icon for my phone and was given three choices:

1. Play Sound – which I did but there was no sound to be heard…

2. Lost Mode

3. Erase iPhone – Oh no, not yet, pleeeze!

So I clicked “lost mode.” Once clicked, the system automatically locks and tracks your phone location. I had just arrived in Dallas, Texas from Atlanta. My phone was in Albany, New York. Interesting.

Next, a message came up that would display on my phone to anyone who found it.

“This iPhone has been lost.

Please call me.

(insert your contact phone number).”

I typed in my husband’s phone number and off we went to dinner. During the meal, his phone rang. When I answered, two people were on speaker on the other end laughing.


“Hi, this is Delta calling.”

“Do you have my phone?”

“Yes, and it told us to call you!”

Two days later, it was back in my hands thanks to the miracle of FedEx. Amazing.

Once again, the brainiacs at Apple had solved a problem for me before I even had it. That’s truly the ultimate in customer service and customer satisfaction.

Which got me thinking about what we do for our customers, above and beyond not only our competition, but beyond what our clients expect from us. How many ways do we pleasantly surprise them? What can we do for them that is beyond the norm?

In this ever changing and increasingly impersonal world, a great customer experience is needed to make your business stand out. What are you doing to provide your clients a superior experience?

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  1. Thank you, Bonnie.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  2. Great happy ending and important major point in a business plan! I read “How to Create Raving Fans” back in the late 90s and have endeavored to do so ever since!

    Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, love, peace, and prosperity!

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