Why Invest in Real Estate?

Why Invest in Real Estate?

To begin with, what other “job” can you do that allows you to retire in as little as 10 years?

If you can’t develop a Microsoft or a Google but want to create long term wealth, real estate investing maybe for you.

I bet that, in your lifetime, there has never been a better time to buy real estate. Prices are nationally low. Even in strong areas, you can easily offer 85% of retail value and purchase a property. When you add to that the incredibly low interest rates for financing, this is the perfect time to buy.

And values are low, but they won’t stay there. There will be no more land in 25 years than there is right now.  Odds are pretty good that, if you buy a house today, in as little as 3-5 years it will be worth more than it is right now.   As a landlord, rents will be higher in 3-5 years than they are today but, don’t forget, your mortgage payment won’t be.

So, if you’re looking for a new way to produce income as well as a way to create future wealth and the ability to retire financially, you’d be wise to consider investing in real estate.

I’ve asked some local investors for reasons they are investing and here are some of their answers:

“Every year Forbes Magazine produces a list of the top 100 wealthiest individuals in the USA.  I believe that somewhere around 20% of the top 100 invest in real estate.

Also, real estate remains one of the most “protected” opportunities in that tax law and political realities keep the real estate market among the most lucrative of all markets.  This means that there is money to be made in both up and down markets.”  Fred

“From my past experiences of buying, fixing up and selling the homes I’ve lived in came the realization that the source of the greatest return of any investment I’ve ever bought was through real estate.  Up until recently though, I’ve never seriously considered making real estate investment a full time career until the recent bottoming out of home prices.  The opportunity of a lifetime presents itself along with the means to obtain it….what great fortune is that?!!”   Chuck

“Real Estate is the only real thing that has stood the test of time for return on money that gives long term wealth.  It is also a vehicle I have found  where you can be as big or small as you want to be and have that wealth and income at the same time.   As investors, we can also be a great benefit to those looking to sell or buy homes.  EVERYTHING in one package where everyone WINS.”   Martin

Ability to build passive income along with big tax advantages.”  Phil

All-in-all, real estate is one of the simplest ways to build wealth – or simply add supplemental income – without increasing hours away from home with a part-time job.  Real estate continues to work, even on holidays and weekends.  And, there are contingencies when problems arise, such as insurance when there is  property damage.  Even if that age-old adage about dealing with a stopped-up toilet in the middle of the night were to come true, that kind of problem happens only once in a great while.  And, you can choose to handle it yourself ( one night of plumbing easily equals a week of a part-time job) or, even better, call a professional and savings from prior income should cover the cost.”   Andy

“For me, I’ve always had an interest in Real Estate.  I love to look at houses, do floor plans, decorate, etc.   I’ve both renovated and designed my own houses over the years.   I started thinking about what my second career might be after the textile industry goes away in the US, and real estate was a natural fit.  People always advise to do what you’re passionate about.

As I started to read books, attend seminars and listen to webinars to educate myself, it became evident to me that real estate investing was one of the greatest ways to create wealth and it was less risky than most other types of investments because you have a tangible asset as collateral.  I initially thought I would just buy a few rental properties to supplement our income and create passive income for retirement, but the more strategies I learned the more excited I became about the potential for a full-time career.  I believe if you are flexible and change with the times, you can make money in any kind of economy. Plus, it is the one last area that has significant tax benefits.

Last, I love the idea of being able to control my own destiny. When you’ve worked hard for other people all your life, having the autonomy to work when and how much you want is very liberating.”   Carolyn

Have questions about investing? Ask here. Let me know how I can help you learn.

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