Why Live and Invest in Greensboro, North Carolina

Why should you live and invest in Greensboro, North Carolina?

Of notable importance is that Greensboro is the only city between Washington, DC and Atlanta with five freeways intersecting. Why so many main highways? Commerce has demanded another major east coast shipping hub and North Carolina jumped in to provide what was needed. Because of this, the population growth here over the next 5-10 years is expected to be huge. FedEx came to Greensboro and tremendously expanded our international airport making it now one of the main FedEx hubs.

Our economy has remained stable, even with the national economic downturn due, in large part, to the diverse business community. Greensboro population is about 271,000, median family income is about $45,000, sales tax is seven percent and median home price is $144,000. Within 15 miles, there are 1188 restaurants, 21 libraries, 80 miles of walking and bike trails and 61 golf courses (we like our golf here in North Carolina). Annual precipitation is 43.14 inches, average high temperature in July is 87.6 and average low temperature in January is 26.2. The median age is 33.4 and about 60 percent of the population has completed some college. The area boasts 13 universities and community colleges.

About the climate, let me just say, it’s the best. Four mild season so you’re able to get out and enjoy them all. Springtime, flowers are everywhere, even on the trees. We have dogwoods, cherry blossoms and fruit trees that keep the bees buzzing and the birds singing!

Summer, ok, it does get hot. We have days in the 90s which wouldn’t be so bad except for the horrid humidity. That being said, the hot days and humidity don’t last all that long, so if you don’t work outdoors, just ride out those days in the comfort of your air conditioning!

Fall is spectacular. The colors are lauded in magazines and television specials. Take a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall and you’ll be hooked. Winter brings very little snow, just enough to create the occasional beautiful winter wonderland.

The Appalachian mountains are about 90 minutes west and the Atlantic ocean is about three hours east. For larger cities, we’re surrounded by Winston Salem to the west, Raleigh to the east and Charlotte to the south.

Property appreciation over the last 20 years has been 53 percent.  No huge annual increases means no huge drops.  Slow and steady wins the race!

Annual Home Price Appreciation Rates:
1980 1.77 percent
1981 8.09 percent
1982 10.03 percent
1983 -8.23 percent
1984 14.15 percent
1985 6.41 percent
1986 7.41 percent
1987 5.87 percent
1988 3.64 percent
1989 3.01 percent
1990 0.61 percent
1991 2.56 percent
1992 2.56 percent
1993 2.76 percent
1994 3.31 percent
1995 3.77 percent
1996 2.96 percent
1997 5.89 percent
1998 3.87 percent
1999 2.77 percent
2000 4.46 percent
2001 3.94 percent
2002 2.84 percent
2003 2.76 percent
2004 2.33 percent
2005 4.21 percent
2006 2.92 percent
2007 3.38 percent
2008 -0.94 percent
2009 -2.09 percent

I moved to Greensboro from Pasadena, California, because I wanted a small, family oriented area where I could raise my children. Today, I still love calling Greensboro home.

Way back then, I began my research by reading Chamber of Commerce surveys on the best places to live and work. Actually, it was Raleigh/Durham that always showed up in the top five most desirable cities but, when my plane landed, Raleigh was more populated than I was looking for. I drove around until I found a place to live in Greensboro. I’m glad I did.

What are you waiting for?

why live and invest in greensboro, nc

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  1. Hi Cem:
    Welcome to Greensboro! Check out Adams Farm. It’s a great family community with all sorts of pricing and housing options.

    Good luck to you and happy moving!

  2. Dear Karen,
    I found your website while i was trying to get more information about Greensboro online as me and my family (my wife and my 1 yo son) will be moving there next year (probably in April) I really liked your posts and i wonder if you can give me suggestions for the location that we might be living.
    We need a house (or a condo) with some nice kindergarten options nearby. (purchase or rent) Shall we spend our first year in downtown or maybe choose more quite option? Honestly we have no idea at the moment but we already loved the place from the picture and posts.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Karen, Hi, Thank You for the info and the links. Looking forward to making Greensboro my new home!


  4. Hi Crystal:
    Amazingly, Greensboro has a HUGE arts community.

    For an artist, I suggest the neighborhoods around Lindley Park and Westerwood.

    Westerwood has their amazing Art and Sole event every year where people come to walk the neighborhood and see all the art that is created in that one community!

    Have you heard about our coming Tanger Arts Center?

    I think this will be a very exciting time for you to move to our area.

    Thanks for asking and Welcome to Greensboro!

  5. Hi, My husband and I will be moving to the Greensboro area from Charleston SC. He will start working there in December while I stay in Charleston to sell our home. I have only researched on line mostly through areavibes and zillow. Looking at Greensboro, and surrounding communities. We are in our 50’s, and want to live in a nice community, w walking trails, close to shopping, convenient to coffee/wine/and workout, and also privacy and space. Any areas you recommend? I am also looking for a studio space, fairly large, I work large canvas’s and decorative painting finishing. Studio could be in ‘our new home’ or a studio space economically priced What do you suggest in getting involved with the art community in Greensboro? I am looking forward to venturing into new territory with my art! Thank You.

  6. Hi Laura:
    High Point is pretty much dead unless you are on the very north end near the Skeet Club Road and Eastchester (Highway 68) intersection. If you want closer access to a larger group of potential clients, Greensboro is your choice.

    Thanks for asking!

  7. Hello!

    My husband and I are opening a health center offering chiropractic and acupuncture… We are debating between High Point and Greensboro. Is it true that High Point is known to have more crime? Are there a lot of outdoor activities around Greensboro (hiking, kayaking, etc.)?

  8. Hi PG:

    I know nothing about schools as my kids are both in their 30s! I suggest you Google Greensboro school info and contact Guilford County school board.

    Hope you get to move here. It’s fabulous!

  9. Possibility of relocating to Greensboro/High Point area for husbands job next summer.
    Daughter will be entering 11th grade next summer/fall (I know tough time to move) — very active in upstate NY in Marching band and track – any recommendations for schools with both? Thanks

  10. Anything downtown on Elm Street. Elm and Market is right at the heart. Smothers Lofts, Southside, there are so many wonderful developments that are established as well as ones that are new. Downtown Greensboro is growing tremendously and there’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm there.

    Good luck to you and Welcome to Greensboro!!

  11. Hello Karen,

    I am considering moving back to Greensboro to continue my career in the public sector and to start a non-profit organization – I left there about 13 years ago after graduating from one of the universities. I will be a young empty nester and am very interested in living in a community where people are consistently involved in the growth of their community,where the neighborhood is walkable and accessible to stores (I’m a native New Yorker so I love walking) and where the crime rate is low.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  12. Hi Tonya:
    Being from NY and so young, I highly recommend living right downtown Greensboro! There are plenty of condos for rent. Downtown is the Elm and Green Street area. There’s also an area right there known as South Side that’s very popular. This whole area has lots of restaurants, clubs, shops, all kinds of activity.


    Welcome to Greensboro!

  13. I was wondering if you could recommend a specific area in Greensboro for me.. I’m looking to transfer from NY for school and was wondering where is a good location for a mid 20’s single person to live?

  14. Good luck to you!

    Be sure to check out Southside – a residential area just off the main strip (just off Elm Street) in downtown Greensboro.


  15. I’m considering a move to Greensboro from DC. I’m a single 29 year old lawyer looking for a hip growing area with resell potential.

  16. No gerbil wheel here!

    How fabulous that you already have friends here and that they live in such a charming neighborhood as Old Irving Park.

    If you love living in Atlanta, you will think you found Heaven on Earth in Greensboro.

    Welcome home!

  17. Karen

    Loved reading your original post
    We are thinking about relocating to Greensboro from Atlanta
    We have friends in Old Irving Park and that is where we are looking
    We love that neighborhood -reminds us of our neighborhoods in atlanta
    We plan on joining Greensborp Country Club
    The schools we plan on are GDS, St Pius and Bishop Mcguiness
    We love our life in Atlanta but feel we are always on the gerbil wheel here

    Any thoughts or suggestions that would help our decision?

  18. Hi Angela:
    We have 4 mild seasons here. Usually one or two snows but not more than a couple of inches and gone in 2-3 days. It’s beautiful. Spring, everything flowers, even the trees. Summer is hot and humid, but only for about 6-8 weeks. Fall is spectacular, the tree colors, and people come from all over the world to drive our Blue Ridge Mountains and see the trees in the Fall.

    There are so many wonderful areas to live and this is absolutely a family oriented town. I suggest you begin looking for housing near where you will work.

    Welcome to Greensboro. I certainly think you made the right choice!

  19. Hi Karen, I am a single mom of a 15, 13,9, and 8 year old. We are moving from Erie, pa. And I want to relocate to Greensboro north Carolina. I was researching Macon Georgia and Greensboro north Carolina. Greensboro seems to have more of what I am searching for. Not to mention, a much safer city! I am looking for a lot of fun things to do for the whole family also a good area to live in that’s inexpensive with decent schools. I hate the cold weather, can you tell me how are the winters in Greensboro north Carolina are like?

  20. Hi Nick:
    Welcome to Greensboro!

    No credit history may necessitate you putting down a larger deposit and using cash rather than credit or check.

    As far as schools, Greensboro is a huge area with many great schools. Now that you own a business here, check out schools and neighborhoods nearby. If you find it to be a less-than-desirable area to live and for him to attend schools, then you can begin checking into private schools of which there are many.

    Check out the “links” tab of my blog. There are links there to many helpful resources including one of the last links under “Additional”, North Carolina School Report Card.

    I hope this helps! You certainly found a wonderful place to live.

  21. Good day Karen,

    coming across your posting, has been refreshing.

    I have purchases a business in Grensboro. We will be relocation to Greensboro within the next 4 months from UK. A big more!!
    I have a 11 year old boy, need help and advise to good high schools and to start a great place to rent, having no credit history will there be any issues

  22. Hi Vanessa:
    ABSOLUTELY a do-able commute. And LOTS of people commute both ways everyday (which is the down side).

    Depending where you work and the time of day you travel, the commute should be about 20 minutes.

    Welcome to Greensboro and thanks for asking!

  23. Hi Karen,

    I’m a young professional hoping to re-locate and buy a condo in Greensboro and commute to Winston-Salem for work. Is the commute terrible or do-able?

  24. Hi Lakshmi:
    Perhaps Oak Ridge. It’s closer to Summerfield but has a bit more shopping, I believe.

    But the Lake Jeanette and Pisgah Church areas are wonderful and much closer to your husband’s work.

    Welcome to Greensboro!

  25. Hi Karen!
    My husband got a new job at cone health hospital and we will be moving to Greensboro in July . We have 2 little girls ( 4 and 7 yrs), I liked summerfield and Pearce elementary school, but which area is near to the shopping centers and has more entertaining options .

    Thank you

  26. Hi Daniel:
    1. $75k/y will be quite enough to live comfortably in Greensboro. The median house price here is about $158,000 to give you an idea of the cost of living.

    2. I have no personal experience with English teaching schools here, but I did find this website http://www.ala.edu/.

    3. There are so many great neighborhoods in and around Greensboro. I suggest you search near where you will be working. You can probably find a home you like no more than a 10 minute drive from your office.

    Please keep me posted and Welcome to Greensboro!

  27. Hello Karen,

    First of all congrats and thanks for your text and very kind support in all questions.

    I’m from Brazil and I’ve just received an offer to work up there in Greensboro NC. I’m married (both 32 years old) with no kids yet. The wage offered is 75k/y in a management position. My wife will not work at least in the next 2 years since she is still improving her English level.

    1) Do you think we would be able to have a confortable life with only my salary? I mean, 75k in NYC is less than 75k in Greensboro. What do you think about 2 people living with this amount in Greensboro?

    2) Do you know if we can find a good English school for her?

    3) What are the neighborhoods you would suggest us to live?

    Thanks in advance!

  28. Hi Annie:
    I don’t know much about Browns Summit as that’s about 30 minutes north of us. But Greensboro is an amazing area, very family oriented. I loved raising my boys here.

    And there are so many medical facilities as well as many large hospitals so I certainly hope you can put your CNA skills to use.

    Welcome to Greensboro!

  29. Hello I am A single mother of two boy’s 8 and 11 I am planning to move to Greensboro in mid August 2015 I am in the medical field currently a cna planning to futher in nursing, a hairstylist, I love to write poetry & music I’ve located a potential place In the Brown’s Summit area & just wondering is that a good area to start out for me & my boys their education/ involvement in activities is a priority for me. Basically hopefully Greensboro is where we can settle and call home! Thanks for info

  30. Hi Edna:
    The Cardinal is a great area. It’s very family oriented and has a lake, a golf course, walking trails and nearby shopping.

    Thanks for asking!

  31. What about the Cardinal area off Fleming road?

  32. Hi Sophia:
    I don’t see an advantage to living in one of those cities over the other. The most important thing to me is to have no commute! My recommendation is to live near where you work and save those precious hours for living, not for driving.

    Thanks for asking. Let us know what house you find!

  33. I am a young professional who recently relocated to Winston Salem for a wonderful job opportunity. I currently rent in W-S, but an interested in buying home. I’m interested in knowing your thoughts are it is better to own in W-S vs Greensboro. I’ve only been to Greensboro a few times, it seems more diverse, more for young singles and to have a more robust economic plan than W-S. What areas should I consider in Greensboro for a commute to WFMBC. I work long/sporadic hours, so I’m not interested in lengthy commute. Small home, safe- very safe community, likely to resale, or rent easily.

  34. Yes and yes.

    I moved here from Pasadena, California. Cost of living is so affordable here, you’ll wonder why you didn’t move 5 years ago!

    Let me know what you decide, and thanks for asking!

  35. I am considering moving to Greensboro, from Los Angels, California …I am a Single Black female and wanted an honest opinion if I move there…. will I be able to find employment and with , the employment will I be able to afford housing.?

  36. Hi Amar:
    I don’t know those units. As a general rule, since you’re totally new to the area, I suggest renting for a while until you’re comfortable enough to know where you want to buy. Some units do short term rentals, but even a year is not too long to rent to learn an area before you buy.

    Also, if you ever buy a townhome, make sure their homeowners rules allow rentals. Some do not.

    Good luck to you and thanks for asking!

  37. I am considering moving to greensboro . We were trying to rent a town home near airport center drive. We found the Robyns glen townhome community to be conveniently located. But when we visited the community the sales agent suggested i buy a townhome rather than rent it. How good is that locality? Even if i decide to move to a bigger house in the future, how easy would it be to rent out the townhome in that area?

  38. Wow, that’s a huge question. There are tons of places in Greensboro to live and to work. Depends who you are and what you want to do. Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll find a place here that you love.

    Welcome to Greensboro!

  39. I’m considering relocating from the Philadelphia suburbs to Greensboro. I went to Greensboro college my freshman year, but haven’t been back for 10years. I had always thought it’s a place I see myself moving back to. Looking for a new creative career path, any recommendations on staffers or organizations to help find and place for employment? Also what neighbors should I consider looking at to rent? Open to condos, apartments, roommates, renting space from a family etc?

  40. Hi Travis:
    I’m not familiar with the schools in that area.

    Click here to read about schools in any area you may consider: http://www.ncschoolreportcard.org/src/

    Good luck to you and thank you so much for asking.

  41. Hi, I plan on moving to Greensboro very soon I was. Looking At a house on east Washington st. I have kids 14,10,8 how is the schools in that area or can you point in the right direction.

  42. Oh, my gosh, Ben. You will absolutely LOVE Greensboro! I typed “wine bars greensboro nc” in the search bar and a ton of things came up. I know we have a number of micro breweries in town, not sure about Greensboro wineries. But wine bars, YES!

    And we have more than one community theater here. I buy annual season tickets to my favorite, Triad Stage.

    The city is extremely friendly to new small businesses. I have 5! Temperature is fairly mild, 4 mild seasons. Lows in winter are rarely below freezing. We have about 6 weeks that are really cold. And about 6 weeks that are “really” hot, though not that many days above 90. It’s our 6 weeks of humidity that is unpleasant, but most of us spend most of that inside! Check out our “average” temps here: http://www.weather.com/weather/wxclimatology/monthly/graph/USNC0280

    I strongly recommend the move. I don’t think we’d disappoint. Thanks for asking and come on to Greensboro!

  43. Hi All,
    Im glad to have read this article. My wife and I are both 32 with a 9 month old son. Both of us very unexpectedly left the military last year and are struggling down here in Fayetteville to build a new life. My wife is a medical professional and I am entering into the Wine industry though Im not sure in what capacity. I am also an actor and singer of 20 years.

    It seems to me that Greensboro offers more culture and opportunity without a severe increase in cost of living. Can anyone tell me how the wine culture is up there? Wine Bars, restaurants with robust wine programs, etc….. How friendly is the city to new small businesses? As far as weather, how Hot is Hot? I was diagnosed with MS last year and cant do the severe heat of Fayetteville or California where Im from.

    Any input is much appreciated.

  44. Thanks so much, Daniel, for the awesome response.

    I agree completely. Greensboro rocks!!!

  45. Hello. My name is Daniel Love and I am currently 32 years old. I have lived here in Greensboro my entire life and I absolutely love it here. After reading some of the previous comments, I feel it is necessary for me to comment on a few topics.

    Most all of the elementary, middle, and High schools here in Greensboro are great and full of caring and concerned teachers. The community and University colleges here are much focused on being affordable and offer lots of grants and scholarships for the hungry, young and mature adults. The downtown is absolutely beautiful and full of preserved history. There is an amazing amount of delicious restaurants ranging from your typical “maw and paw” style venues, to your upscale 5 star rated dining. Greensboro allows a generous budget and puts a lot of concentration in its personal and family entertainment. From the fine arts of theatre, to the night life of talented live musical entertainment, there is always something to do for the individual or for the family with children of all ages.

    As far as the previous comment about Greensboro having a lot of racist people, that is absolutely absurd. Sadly, racism exists everywhere. Not just in the U.S, but in all parts of the world. I believe some things said or done that one considers racist, are a result of something that may have been intended as innocent and harmless. If someone has seen or heard something they feel is racist, they must ask themselves, are they participating in an act of racism themselves by their perception of what may be harmless? Greensboro is a city that shows no favoritism from one race or gender above another.

    If anyone is ever planning on locating themselves or their family here in Greensboro, please feel right at home as this is a place where I am sure you will love.

  46. Hi Gus:

    Here is a great site that lists all the schools and their size, performance, etc. in North Carolina:

    I hope this helps and thanks for asking me. Thrilled that you’re considering Greensboro. Keep me posted!

  47. Hi Karen
    I am considering a job in Greensboro. We will be coming from Pennsylvania. We have a 14 yr old and 12 yr old. So one starting HS and the other Middle school. Looking for places to live in the greensboro area with really good schools. We were thinking Lewisville or Pfafftown. We need to know our kids are going to a really good school district before we make the move. Where would you suggest?

  48. You’re hearing about the downtown area of High Point. The north end, the Skeet Club Road area of High Point, is very family oriented and has good schools.

    If you need a real estate agent to help you find a home and the best areas, our agent will be happy to work with you.

    Welcome to Greensboro!

  49. Hi Caroline,
    My family and I are planning to move to Greensboro. We have two little ones, oldest one is 2. Can you recommend any safe and family oriented neighbourhoods with great schools? We were looking at High Point but heard that they have a high crime rate.

    Please advise! !!!

  50. There are naysayers everywhere. I have not found that to be true – at all.

    And, I’m sure those are not the people you will be associating with.

    Working with Honda Jet? Welcome to Greensboro!

  51. Hi there!
    My husband was recently offered a job with an aviation company in Greensboro. I have 3 daughters, ages19 (college), 16, and 11. My youngest is big into basketball and soccer. I was excited to relocate to Greensboro after reading your website, but then I went to a few others and read terrible comments about the area.
    – not much to do
    – racist people everywhere
    – still fighting the war
    Now I am worried about our decision.

  52. Thanks for the info Karen, I’ll make sure to give you guys a call..

  53. Hi Fadi:

    Congratulations on choosing UNC Greensboro. It is a wonderful school with a great reputation.

    I don’t know about the schools in that area other than the High School, Weaver Academy which has an additional focus on the arts.

    Ideal location for you with family homes would be the Lindley Park area and Walker Avenue. Lindley Elementary would also be within walking distance there. https://www.google.com/maps/@36.0720672,-79.8252983,16z

    Please give us a call when you’re in town so we can help you out, and Welcome to Greensboro!


  54. Hello Karen,
    I was offered admission in graduate school from several reputable universities in the US, I choose University of North Carolina Greensborofor several reasons including the city of greensboro. Judging by your article, I’m glad I did. I’ll be a PhD student, so we’relooking at about 4 years of studying. I’m looking to rent a house of three rooms, a fenced backyard because I want to have a dog, and a location close to UNCG campus with good schools in mine for my ten and 7 year old daughters.please suggest locations that can serve my purpose. I’ll be in Greensboro in late July. Thanks

  55. ok. Thanks. I will contact your office as soon as NC gives me the go ahead on things.

  56. Hi Carmen:
    I hope you LOVE living in Greensboro. I certainly do!

    There are so many wonderful areas to live here. One I recommend, simply because I’m very familiar with it, is the North end of High Point near Skeet Club and Eastchester (Highway 68). This area is easy access to Highway 311 and I-40; about 15 minutes from downtown Greensboro or downtown Winston Salem.

    Once here, you will see that there are many areas to live where you are close to all the amenities you seek. When you come to town, please contact our office and an agent will be happy to work with you to show you homes. 336-834-0958

    Welcome to Greensboro. We look forward to helping you make your transition!

  57. Hi Karen,

    I live in NYC and I am in the process of seeking Teacher employment with in NC state just waiting for my license to transfer and arrive than I am off to NC. I was told by plenty of people that Greensboro is a great place and raise a family(13 year old) . Question? Since I am not African American,but fall in the “Black” race ethnicity, I don’t want to take chances with my life. Can you send me a listing of favorable places to purchase a home? I would love to live close to, not good but great restaurants, hospitals, schools ect. Closeness to everything is ideal, I am paranoid health and safety. I know its a lot to digest,but please offer feedback if you can thanks. If there is a downtown in Greensboro I would love to purchase a home 20-30 minutes away from the town no father away.

  58. Hi Vanessa:

    Kernersville is an excellent area! Great little downtown shopping area and wonderful access to both Winston Salem and Greensboro. Call our office to schedule a time to look at this property at your convenience! I hope it works for you!


  59. Hi Vanessa:

    We have property management companies handling our properties so, unfortunately, I’m not sure of any properties that are currently available.

    But thank you for asking and good luck with your search!

  60. Hello!
    Do you know of any nice safe homes for rent near the Friendly Shopping Center? Thanks!

  61. Hi Aaron:
    Thanks for asking! We are a wholesale buyer and we resell to investors such as yourself. I have added your name to our email list and you will begin receiving our weekly list of properties from me shortly.

    I will also put you in touch with Jim and Kiet in our office so they can discuss with you what you want and contact you when they find it for you.

    I look forward to working together with you soon!

  62. Hello Karen!
    I just looked on your website and the Hill n Dale property in Kernersville looks pretty nice. How is that area?

  63. Hello,

    I am in the beginning process of looking for a few Investment rental properties to purchase and rent out. I am looking to purchase between 4 -6 Properties this year in the Greensboro area. Can you offer any suggestions or advice as to what best/hottest area’s or subdivisions for rentals are in triad in your opinion. I prefer 3 bedroom 2 baths… Good Schools. Im semi new to area so not expert on market yet. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Aaron

  64. Hi Vanessa:
    Welcome to the Triad!

    The north end of High Point – the Skeet Club Road area – has great access to all the areas you’ve mentioned and the amenities you seek.

    Thanks for writing and I’m so glad you’ll be moving to our part of heaven!

  65. Hello!
    My husband and I will be moving to Greensboro the first week of April. We are looking for a good safe area to live for a young couple, we were looking at Kernersville, High Point, or Jamestown. We would also love to live near shopping, restaurants, etc. Thanks!

  66. Hi Jami:
    I totally understand your concern about moving, especially if you haven’t lived away from home much in the past. I moved to Greensboro from Pasadena, California, and it was a HUGE transition, especially 30 years ago when there was NOTHING open 24 hours a day in Greensboro and so much was in Pasadena…

    I love Greensboro and it has been a fantastic place to raise my boys. You will probably miss the food selection of Charleston, but you’re an easy drive from “home” so you can run back anytime you’re pulled in that direction.

    I really can’t say enough about living here and the opportunities for all of your family. Just decide to look forward to the move and embrace all the new experiences your family will share together.

    Let me know what you find and how you settle in!

    Thanks for asking.

  67. Hi! My husbands job is transferring us from Charleston South Carolina to Greensboro North Carolina. I am from Charleston South Carolina born and raised and I absolutely love it here and to be honest I am quite sad about leaving here and leaving my family behind. We have 3 children 10 five and three and I am curious about the schools I’m also curious about the town itself I like sort of fast-paced city type areas with lots of shopping stores and food places to go!! A place with lots of fun activities does this sound like greensboro North Carolina? Do you think we will like it there I’m super nervous about this moving transition.. Any input or advice or information about Greensboro would be greatly appreciated thanks!!

  68. Hi Angela:

    I suppose you can find people to say bad things about any place you consider living. I have not found anything you mentioned to be true and I have lived here for almost 30 years.

    By the way, Greensboro itself has almost 300,000 people and the Triad (Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point) has a population of over 600,000. That is hardly a small town!

    At the very least, I hope you can come here to visit and check it out for yourself!

  69. Hello Karen,

    I am looking to move to North Carolina from New Jersey in July and was struggling with a town to move to. After searching various sites I had finally narrowed it down to Greensboro and then after reading your article it pretty much sealed the deal. However, right after coming across your site, I came across another site that people left various comments about the town being very closed off from the rest of the “culture” in the area. People were saying with it being very small everyone goes to the same churches, same areas and it’s almost cult like. Some others left comments about racism, confederate flags and even the police acting as Nazis. This is a huge concern for me being as though I am black and I have two biracial daughters aged 13 and 9. Can you please give me your honest feedback on racial demographics and also the community culture. Thank you very much for your help.

  70. Are there any active adult retirement neighborhoods in or near Greensboro? Thanks….

  71. Oh, Amy, please come to North Carolina. There is no place like it. We have a lot of Greenways here in Greensboro for running and biking. You will love it.

    And I think there is plenty of work available for any skilled worker. Come check it out! And let me know when you do.

    See you soon!

  72. Hi,
    I was reading your blog and am now more inclined to move there this fall. I will be coming for a visit soon to look at places to rent.
    Do you know how the job market is for accounting and for carpentry? Are there a lot of things to do? Shopping, food, entertainment?
    I’m an avid runner looking for somewhere to run all year long! This seems like a great place!

  73. Hi Nancy:

    There is always work for good tradespeople, especially if they are licensed and bonded.

    And, the construction business is really picking up in the Greensboro area. I don’t think your husband will have any trouble finding work as long as he is good at what he does!

    Thanks for asking and come on down to Greensboro!

  74. Hello! We also are looking to relocate to North Carolina. Have friends in Greensboro so this is a definite possibility. I have been in the healthcare field for 30 years (clerical side of things, scheduling, transcription, secretarial) and my husband is a plumber who has barely had work in the last 3 years in Wisconsin. We have a seven-year-old son. I’ve been at my current job for 12 years. I don’t think I would have trouble finding a job but how bout my husband? he’s 54 years old. I’m 52. Are there opportunities for plumbers that you know of?

  75. Hi Andy:
    I don’t know anything about college life here except that Greensboro has a number of well known and rapidly growing colleges. Yes, they attract a lot of foreign students. We feel that life in Greensboro is very safe and, naturally, there are things you can do to be safer such as not going out alone after dark and locking your doors when home.

    Please write your questions to NC A&T University or any other school you are considering. They can give you statistics to answer all your questions.

    Let me know what you decide!

  76. Hi Billie:

    I’m so excited that you’re moving down to Greensboro! I moved here years ago from Pasadena, California wanting a small town to raise my boys in!

    The good areas to live in will depend upon where your husband’s job is located. Greensboro is quite large geographically and has many wonderful schools and neighborhoods. You will find the city to be very family oriented.

    When you know more, let me know and I will try to direct you.

    I look forward to helping you soon!

  77. My husband is interviewing with a large company in the Greensboro area. If all works out we will be relocating from NJ with two school age boys. We would need to rent until our home sells here and I want a great school district and a small town community to raise my sons. Our lives have always been busy and overcrowded here in NJ and we want to slow down and enjoy life. Any good ideas on locations for us. We would come down to see places prior. Thanks for any advice.

  78. Hello Karen, tell me about live life for foreign students. Would like to pursue ms in NC A&T State University, what about part time jobs can we find jobs here? is this place safe for Foreign students recently we heard a student was hit by a bullet from strangers. Can we survive in this place need to do part time job and pay for rest of my college fee and tell me about the college. Thanks in advance

  79. Hi Madelyn:

    Davidson County and Thomasville is 20 minutes or more from Greensboro and much smaller.

    to find out about best areas to look, ask the college and use Google and Google Earth to check them out. Also, check out MeetUps.com for local meetups for young professionals like synerG. https://www.facebook.com/events/451856141592570/?previousaction=join&source=1

    Let me know how you do once you move here and thanks for asking!

  80. Karen, I’m a senior in highschool looking to move from indiana to North Carolina for college. I’m looking into Davidson county community college in Thomasville, but not being from North Carolina, I’m unsure if Greensboro is the best place for an out of state college student. I feel like being in a bigger city will be better for me, but I don’t know where the best areas to look for apartments are or what kind of things there are to do for a college student in the city. Any advice would be great!

  81. Hi Rick:
    This is the most friendly and welcoming area you could ever live in.

    Come on down! We’re anxious to have y’all!

  82. Hi Karen, because of a job change, my wife and I (empty nesters) are considering moving to the Greensboro area. We’ve always lived in the Midwest. The area is beautiful and the weather attractive.

    My question is: Will us Yankees be accepted or shunned?

  83. Hi Karen,

    We are moving to be closer to family. :) Thank you so much for the offer, once we are settled I wil definitley reach out.

    Have a wonderful day.

  84. Hi Heather:
    I have no knowledge of paralegal job openings, but just search Google to see what you find. Where to rent will depend largely upon where you find employment. There are lots of wonderful places – both multi-units and single family homes.

    Let me know what you find!

  85. We are thinking about moving to Greensboro, NC. We are coming from South Florida and ready for a move from the hustle and bustle of crazy South Florida. Any suggestions on the best areas to rent, things to do, and if you know of any job openings for a paralegal, we would be greatful. Hope to hear from you soon!! Thanks!!

  86. Hi Vanni:
    I’m so thrilled that you’re moving to Greensboro! You will not be disappointed.

    I’m not sure what your husband does so I am no help with job opportunities for him. What brings you to this area if neither of you have employment? (We moved here by reading Chamber of Commerce surveys. Neither of us had jobs, either!)

    We are almost always hiring so please contact me when you get here. Perhaps we can even help you find a new home!

    I look forward to meeting you and helping you settle here.


  87. Hello,

    My family and I will be moving to Greensboro from Southern California in January. My husband is in the Data Center industry and I am an AM in the property management field. Are there opportunities for employment in my husband’s industry? Can you please recommend some property management companies for me?

    I was so happy to have come across your blog. Thank you, I found it informative and very positive, made me feel a bit less nervous about our move.


  88. Hi Maria:

    First of all, thank you so much for your service to our country. Welcome back to civilian life!

    Greensboro would definitely fit the bill. As far as play groups, I’m well beyond that as both of my sons are grown and living on their own. (which makes me very sad) That being said, there are a lot of huge daycare centers and play groups advertised here – especially through larger churches. We are in the Bible Belt so church is a very large part of the Southern community. Even if you don’t attend, your child is welcome in the play groups and after school programs and activities, as well as in all the school programs so many of our churches offer.

    For $240,000 you can purchase an amazing home here in Greensboro. Our median house price is about $150,000 so you are WELL above that! If you do decide to come to this area to check out houses, please let me know and I can have one of our real estate agents take you around for the day to show you properties.

    Thanks for asking and I HIGHLY recommend moving to Greensboro. You won’t be disappointed!

  89. Welcome back, Paul!

    Please let me know if you need help with anything real estate – buying, selling, renting, landlording, investing….

    I’m here to help!

  90. Hi! My husband and I are thinking about moving to the Greensboro area for a new career opportunity for my husband. We’re about to leave army life and have lived all over the country. In living in many different settings I’ve really figured out that I like being in a moderately sized town but one that still has character. Would Greensboro fit the bill? We also have a nine month old daughter and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding playmates for her. Do you know of any large play groups in the area? How friendly/common is the area to young mothers? I’m extremely younger than some of the other mothers I’ve tried socializing with and it has also caused a problem. Also, what caliber of house could we find in a suburban, nice neighborhood with a $240000 budget?

  91. Oh yeah.
    I lived there about 10 years ago, moved away for personal reasons. Always knew that I would be back. How could I not move back to the best city in the world?

  92. Cyerra:

    Welcome to God’s country!!

    Will you be coming down ahead of time to visit the area? You should meet with one of our brokers to determine what you want/need in a home and they can drive you around to show what’s available.

    Thanks so much for reaching out and I look forward to meeting you!

  93. Hi, Karen!
    I enjoyed reading your blog! I will be transferring down for a new job opportunity in Greensboro in January and was wondering if you have any suggestions as to where the best places are to live/rent in Greensboro? I look forward to hearing back from you!

  94. I think the job market here is good, Judy. There’s a lot of infrastructure building going on – new highways everywhere. Looks like the state is expecting continued expansion as North Carolina was number 3 in 2012 for population growth.

    Come on back!

  95. What about the job market. I have been in dental administration and my husband in manufacturing. We live in south florida but I lived near charlotte for 20+ years and want to get back to the kindness and hospitality of the carolinas. Thanks Judy

  96. Michelle:

    That’s so awesome! We lived about a block from Colorado Blvd. on Monte Vista. We would walk down every year to the Rose Parade!

    We now have an acre on top of a mountain in West Jefferson, very near Boone. Absolutely love our North Carolina mountains.

    Greensboro is a fabulous place to invest and we can’t wait to be your property management company.

    Thanks so much for writing!

  97. Hi Karen!
    I have been a fan of your articles on BP and just signed up on your mailing list here on your site. I didn’t know you were from Pasadena! I lived there for about 2 years, off Colorado Blvd. and about a block from San Marino. I really enjoyed living there. I’m in Wyoming now and my husband was born in Boone. Greensboro is on my list of places I”m thinking of investing, not only for the great geographic location but also because I would be able to use your PM company! When investing out-of-state, I believe finding a great PM is something one needs to take into account when looking at locations. Look forward to keeping up with you here on your site!

  98. Hi Irem:

    Of the areas I am familiar with, Adams Farm is a great family community and is known for good schools. It is in the 27407 zip code.
    Also, north High Point around the Skeet Club area is very family oriented and the Southwest Guliford schools in that area are very good. That is the 27265 zip code.

    Please keep me posted as to what you find and thanks for asking!

  99. Hi Karen, I am planning on moving to Greensboro in two weeks with my family. My daughter is 10 years old. I am looking for a good elementary and really nice community to rent an house. Can you please recommend the best areas to live there? Thanks.

  100. Hi Kalilou:
    And welcome to Greensboro!

    No, we don’t have public transportation. The town is so spread out that most everyone has a car for getting around.

    It IS green, isn’t it? And beautiful. I hope you find a job very soon because this is a wonderful place to raise a family.

    Thanks for writing and good luck!

  101. Hi, I really love your comments that the reason why I am presently in Greensboro four days ago for job search. I just landed here to find something more professional. I found the city fantastic, I mean clean, quiet, fresh air, really very green. But I don’t have any friend here. It is really impossible to jump on the troley or in the bus like in Philadelphia. I rarely see people walking downstreet. I quickly understand that and then rent a car. My job search is till going on. Wish me a good luck so I can find something descend and bring my children here. I really love Greensboro. Your post gave much more confidence to stay here.

  102. Hi Katy:
    I don’t have any guides. The best place to contact are the Chambers of Commerce from the areas you are interested in. They can send you lots of information, or you can check them out online.

    I, personally, love Greensboro, NC (as you can tell if you read my blog!). We have 4 mild seasons, it’s a very family oriented area, and we are 2 1/2 to 3 hours from both the Atlantic Ocean or the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our population is not too large, our highways are fabulous and uncrowded. We have outstanding universities (Wake Forest, Duke University, University of North Carolina, etc.) and hospitals (Wake Forest Baptist, Duke University Hospital, etc.), and our economy is strong. We never experienced a housing boom so we never had a bust.

    Keep me posted on your research and your decision. I don’t think you’d be disappointed in North Carolina!

  103. Hello, my family and i are.considering moving out of ohio. Looking into a few states, NC being one of them. Is there a guide or can you recommende someone i can speak to about moving out of state? We would like to buy a home but may have to rent. Please email me with any helpful info.


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