Budget Spa Bathrooms That Do Wonders for Your Home Value

Budget Spa Bathrooms That Do Wonders for Your Home Value

Many homeowners dream of turning their tired bathroom into a luxurious, relaxing spa. Often, though, they delay or never pursue projects like this because of budget considerations, declining home prices or other financial reasons.

Fortunately, you do not need to spend exorbitant amounts to redo your bathroom, and improving the lavatory has proven to increase home values. The New York Times says that you’re more likely to recoup your costs (and more) when you limit your budget than when you throw it out the window. And you can create your perfect spa bathroom on a budget anyway.

Here are some tips to help you transform your everyday bathroom into a luxury spa that will comfort you and impress prospective buyers:

1. Get rid of busy wallpaper or too-bright colors. Spa colors lend a sense of tranquility to your area. Use muted greens or blues with earth tone accents to set the stage for a relaxing spa.

2. Clutter is not restful. Clear the vanity of makeup, deodorant and other things that can be stowed in vanity drawers or below the sink and in the medicine cabinet.

3. Fussy window coverings ruin a meditative atmosphere. Check for simple but elegant bamboo or faux wood blinds that will integrate a natural element into the room without taking up space or sacrificing your privacy.

4. When you go to a spa there is always a water feature that flows and bubbles with a calming effect. Line the bottom of your bathroom sink with river stones and you will get a similar effect. Be sure that the stones are large enough not to clog the area where the stopper is. Using a simple hair catcher over the drain works well with rocks.

5. Replacing your shiny bright chrome fixtures with brushed chrome or even nickel or brass can help create a more subdued but elegant environment.

6. Proper lighting is essential. If you are going in for a soak, you do not want harsh fluorescent lighting and neither do potential home buyers. Consider a dimmer switch for your bathroom lighting. Between opaque privacy blinds and muted warm lighting, there should be enough soft light for you to soak and read comfortably.

7. When accessorizing, keep with natural elements that are conducive to an ambiance of relaxation. A single tulip, rose or orchard in a smart stem vase adds a touch of quiet elegance. Bamboo accessories are also a great idea. Bamboo baskets make excellent storage containers and getting some with covers is a good way to hide your bath accessories.

8. Tiles can be cold when barefoot. Match a few mats in the color family of your tile for when you step out of the tub or in front of the sink area. They should be large enough to keep you comfortable but small enough to be bordered by your tile floors.

9. Splurge on luxury towel sets and lush looking linens. High count Egyptian cotton towels offer unmatched luxury in spa settings. Scented candles are a great way to add some contrasting (but muted) colors and interesting aromas in your luxury bathroom. Keep the selection to just a few — too many will clutter the area and competing scents may be overwhelming to people who would otherwise be impressed during a house tour.

10. Install stereo speakers in the bathroom. Soft music is so lovely when accompanying a luxurious soak, and this is the sort of feature that will make someone fall in love with your home.

11. While a built in Jacuzzi is great, the expense is too. You can achieve a similar effect by buying a whirlpool mat that goes on the bottom of your tub and circulates jets of bubbled water.

Your imagination and these tips will help you create a bathroom that will impress anyone who happens through it. Keep an eye on your budget and you should be able to make some money out of your investment — and get some relaxation in during the meantime.

Thanks to Justin Greig for this article. Justin is a self-proclaimed “21st century hippie,” Justin studied Journalism at Berkeley and freelances for many environmental publications.

What spa treatments have you tried for your home?

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