Craigslist is Great for Buying & Selling Your Items

Craigslist is Great for Buying & Selling Your Items

Moving?  If you have things you don’t want to give away, but that you think may sell, why not list them on Craigslist? I wanted to sell my refrigerator (since I was moving and didn’t need it where I was going) so I posted it on Craigslist, had about 12 contacts in a matter of hours, and sold it! We also use Craigslist regularly to buy and sell homes.

When I have large items to give away (including free firewood when we chop down trees), I list them under the Free Stuff tab on their site and whatever I have to give away is usually gone within a few hours. Sweet! Once, as I was cleaning out our garage, I took photos of items I wanted to sell and listed them separately saying, “available today only.” Buyers came by and bought about a dozen items while I was cleaning out the garage! Sure beat taking the time to have a yard sale.

It’s such a great FREE site and free is always good! List what you have to sell. Look for what you need to buy. Even if you’re looking to buy or rent a home in another city, you can check Craigslist for available properties in the city of your choice.

Great site. Not sure how they make their money… but you can’t beat free. Check it out!

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  1. Right, Nick, those who are serious are ready to buy. If they have to wait, the usually disappear.

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. Craigslist is great, especially when selling larger items (like a fridge). And putting things in your ad like you suggested, “available today only” really pushes people to act quickly. You will almost always be more successful if you pressure buyers. When people contact you and they want to wait 2 or 3 days to pick it up, they rarely follow through.

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