Had a Foreclosure? Are you still on Record as Owner?

Had a Foreclosure? Are you still on Record as Owner?

If your lender never completed the process, you could still be on record as owner of your foreclosed property.  That leaves you liable for the debt and the property.

Homeowners in many cities are currently victims of what are called “walkaways”.  This happens when mortgage service providers begin the foreclosure process but don’t follow through.

Under current law in most states, homeowners finding themselves in a walkaway position have little recourse.  There is proposed state level legislation to correct this in several states.

How can you know?  Pull your credit report and see if the property is still there.  If it is, contact the lender and find out why it hasn’t been removed or why it doesn’t show that it was foreclosed.

Lenders are very busy with foreclosures and you want to be sure you are not involved in a process that was never completed.

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