How to Check Out Crime in Your Area

When the economy goes down, crime goes up.

How do you determine crime statistics for your area? Before purchasing a piece of property, always check local crime statistics. I checked for my area and crime, thankfully, has been very low – only three minor incidences in a one mile radius in the past six months. I checked a one mile radius in our downtown area, 631 crimes in the same time period. Frightening, but informative.

This crime mapping site is electronically connected to police incident reports and allows you to enter an address to view different types of crimes reported around a home or business.

The maps show 15 types of crime: arson, assault, burglary, disturbing the peace, alcohol or drug violations, DUI, fraud, homicide, motor vehicle theft, robbery, sex crimes (indecent exposure or peeping toms), theft or larceny, vandalism, vehicle break-in, or theft and weapons violations.

You can view up to six months of criminal reports or adjust it down to one day; the radius of the area reported can show up to two miles. There is also an iPhone app available.

Greensboro is the sixth law enforcement agency in North Carolina to use the system. 352 other agencies in the U.S. and Canada also use at this time. Click on the state maps to see which areas in your state use this feature.

I’ve posted the crime mapping link on the links area of this blog. Be sure to check out all the other links I have listed there for your use.

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