How to Have an Open House

How to Have an Open House

Time to get ready for Open House. Why and when should you have one?

I have mine on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm. That’s when most real estate agents have their open houses in our area, so that’s when the public is out looking for them. Make use of the agent’s marketing.

There are a number of reasons to have an open house. One, of course, is to show off the house. You’re able to show it to people who are interested in the neighborhood. You’re also able to show it to the neighbors, who are always curious, and who may know someone who wants to live in that neighborhood. Neighbors are always interested in who will be moving in, so give them the opportunity to help pick their neighbors!

And, I like the opportunity to meet prospective buyers and explain our programs to them. Personal contact always beats print marketing.

So, if you’ve never had one, how do you have an Open House? Very simple:

  1. Be sure you have plenty of directional open house signs positioned so passers by know there’s an open house and how to find it. I put balloons on my open house signs so they can’t be missed.
  2. Have the home and yard neat and tidy. Even if you’re leaving some of the fix up for the next owners, the house and yard should be tidied up. You don’t want prospects feeling overwhelmed when they see lots of clean up needing to be done
  3. Have all the lights on (make sure all the bulbs work) so the house looks bright and cheery. I like to have candles around to give some scent (I prefer vanilla) and some accent, especially in the bathrooms.
  4. Have a sign-in sheet. Ask for name, email address and phone number. Email them on Monday and call if they don’t leave an email address. Always check to see what they thought of the house and if they have additional questions. Follow-up is very important and something most people don’t do.
  5. Have a hand out sheet that includes a photo of the home (so they remember which house it’s from when they leave) and as many of the positive features as you can list. Get flyers out of information tubes in front of homes that are for sale to use as your examples.
  6. Some people suggest baking cookies so the house smells good and homey. Hand out take aways and bottled water to your lookers. They’ll leave with a positive impression of you and your home. They’ll also remember yours above the others just because you had treats!

Keep your open house simple so you’re fresh and excited about it. Your enthusiasm for the home helps to sell it. Not everyone will have positive things to say but, remember, it only takes one person who loves it to get it sold.

Good luck! Open houses work.

What open house tips can you share?

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