Karen Rittenhouse’s New Book “The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home”

The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home

5 Star Reviews for Karen Rittenhouse’s New Book “The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home”

Check out this press release! I’m so excited!

Greensboro, North Carolina – Media representatives for Karen Rittenhouse, an author and full-time real estate investor, today announced the release of a new book entitled, “The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home.”  So far the book has received five-star reviews across the board with some people calling it “recommended reading” for homeowners who want to sell their property.

Selling your house in today’s economic climate is much more challenging than it was a decade ago. In fact, industry professionals say it is a “buyer’s market,” which means homebuyers have more negotiating power than sellers and they are taking advantage of the situation. The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home focuses on teaching homeowners how to avoid common mistakes and maintain negotiating power to get the buyer of their dreams.

The book offers a variety of tips to sell your house and it goes a lot further by answering questions such as, “Are we at the bottom of the real estate market?” and, “How do l sell my home with owner financing?” Home sellers will learn about lease options, home auctions, how to determine the value of their property and how to handle offers and counter offers.

“Selling a home will be easier when you’re prepared and buyers should be lined up at your door with offers in hand! In this book you’ll discover how easy it is to prepare your property for sale, determine the value of your property, understand multiple selling strategies, and be confident when you sell, that you received a fair price for your home.” – Karen Rittenhouse

For homeowners who want to learn how to sell your house quick, The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home offers creative and effective marketing strategies which have worked well for Karen throughout her career.  When Karen was asked about her motivation to write the book she said, “Most people simply don’t know how to get started selling their home, what to do next, or where to get information.”

Many people recognize the value of investing in real estate as a way to produce present and future income, so Karen also does local coaching and training. Her classes help regular hard-working consumers learn how to make money in real estate so they can live life on their terms and not be dependent on a 9-5 job as their only source of income.

Karen Rittenhouse is a full-time real estate investor. She’s been involved in real estate since 2000, when she purchased her first investment property, and full-time since January 2005. In the past few years, Karen has bought and sold more than 150 single-family homes. She is not a real estate agent. All of the deals with which she’s been involved have been her own.

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