The House of Tomorrow

The House of Tomorrow

I read an interesting article about another housing dilemma; what do buyers want from builders? One thing for sure, building the same boxes over and over is no longer working.

Here’s the thing.. Baby boomers are down sizing. We want one level, open space, fewer bedrooms. We’re giving up some of the bells and whistles in order to compensate for retirement incomes and fuel costs.

The next generations, X and Y apparently, want more urban life than we baby boomers had. They are not interested in the typical box house and they definitely don’t want to live in a subdivision. X-Y’s want to live in cities, close to where they work and shop. They’re more focused on health and exercise which includes running and biking trails. They want less dependence on cars and want even their homes to be energy efficient.

Homes of the future will have less space and will be configured differently. There’s no longer need for a formal living room but, instead, most buyers are looking for a game or media room. More people are working from home and need a room configured as an office designed for use with digital media components.

And, there’s the green movement. Tankless water heaters, green walls, efficient windows, and the use of recycled materials like bamboo.

What is it that you want in a house? Can you find it?

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