Why Invest in Real Estate, 2

Why Invest in Real Estate, 2

Wow, I sent out the question, “why do you invest in real estate” and I’m still getting responses from very enthusiastic investors! I hope you read my first post, Why Invest in Real Estate? if you’re thinking about it for yourself.

Here are some more responses I received:

“Some of my reasons may surprise you. Obviously, money is part of it.

I was just turning 50 when I started investing in residential real estate. For me it seemed like the perfect solution. Be my own boss, build my own business and a residual income that would continue to grow! After 5 years of landlording, buying, fixing and selling houses…I am so grateful for finding this career!

I have learned a great deal and what I really enjoy is the chance to master something new. I did this in medicine, I accomplished what I set out to do and got very good at it. I feel this way about my real estate business. Only with this business, you have enough rope to hang yourself with! That was not the case for me a physician.

Let me get to the point. As a doctor I made a lot of money and that alone was not enough for me to feel satisfied. Same with real estate, same with any career. The money is never the only good reason!!! Ha ha, I hear some people laughing.

Sure, cashing out and building equity are fun, but the other things that make me smile are the following. I like fixing things. I really do. I enjoy renovating houses, making something ugly beautiful. I also enjoy maintaining my properties. I can afford to hire someone to do it all, but I still do a lot of it. I like being one on one with all of my tenants. I like the human interaction…it’s like being a social worker. They violate the lease and/or do not pay rent, they go. Otherwise, I consider them highly valued employees and customers.

I am not interested in building an empire, just owning a bunch of properties (free and clear ultimately) that I can keep my head and hands around.” Jonathan Brein

“My husband is 54 and I am 49.  We know we are living in the last days, according to the Bible, so we never saved for retirement since we felt we would not need it.  We have worked part time and spent the rest of our time in volunteer Bible ministry work. Now, we are closer to the end of this system and closer to when it will be much harder to work.

We want to be responsible and not expect members of our congregation to have to take care of us, so we have turned to real estate to help us make ends meet as we age.

Real estate has helped many to achieve enough income so that they do not have to have a job to survive and that is our goal!!

That is why we invest in real estate.” Debbie Miller

Why do you invest? Or, why are you considering it (instead of doing it)?

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  1. Too funny! I completely agree with your honesty. I, too, do it for the money because, if I had enough money, I would far prefer lying in a hammock reading a good book!

    Good luck in your business!

  2. I absolutely do it for the money. If I didn’t need the money I would not do real estate or any job. I have plenty of personal pursuits to keep my busy.

    But given that I do need to make money I chose the real estate field because it gives me a chance to use many of my talents. I am a smart guy and I like that I can excel by being smarted than the next guy. Yet it is such a large field there is always something new to learn to challenge me.

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