Do Real Estate Agents do Enough to Justify Their Commission?

74 percent of respondents said, “No.”

The University of Central Florida’s Department of Psychology, in collaboration with a team from Merge, collected hundreds of responses focused on the topic of consumer satisfaction regarding the commissions Realtors charge to sell a home.

Please view these slides, then leave your opinions below. I’m curious.

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  1. It certainly is best to seek referrals when planning to use an agent. So many are just not responsible.

    Thank you for your comment!

  2. I recently sold a house in Washington state and bought a house in Arizona. The difference in the two real estate agents was dramatic. The one in WA was very knowledgeable and positive through the whole process. She kept us up to date by emails and phone calls. It was a very positive and pleasant experience. The agent in AZ on the other hand was not knowledgeable about the house for sale nor very responsive to my requests and seldom offered any information unless it was asked for. I would say the agent in WA earned her commission but the agent in AZ who represented the buyer did not earn any where near what her commission was.

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