Green Walls by Nature!

Green Walls by Nature!

Green roofs have beautifully proven themselves to be a resource against global warming. There is one problem with the green roof in all its beauty and function… very few people can see it!

Green walls, however, allow us to raise living plants in a whole new way while providing some physical advantages. For one thing, what a wonderful position as a gardener to work standing up!

For the most part, the needs of the plants will be the same as if they were planted in any horizontal plane. More good news, weed seeds have a harder time rooting on a vertical plane.

Check out these green walls! Once again, they challenge us to think outside our own box. I love that!

Starbucks makes a lot of efforts to be “Green”. They are considered one of the most socially and environmentally responsible companies in the world. Now, at many stores, they’re sprucing up their drive-throughs with green features.

Green Walls - Starbucks

Green walls can be used indoors.
Indoor Landscaping

Green walls are found most often in urban environments where the plants reduce overall building temperatures which helps reduce energy consumption. Living walls are especially suitable for crowded cities as they allow good use of available vertical surface areas.


How about this amazing building by Korean architect Minsuk Cho! It is the Ann Demeulemeester Shop in the Gangham district of Seoul.

Shop in Seoul

I hope these photos have inspired you like they have me! Another wonderful way to grow gardens! I, for sure, am going to try one.

Imagine raising an edible crop wall. For starters, I think I’ll try growing wheat grass. My husband loves energy shots of wheat grass from Jamba Juice. Wheat grass shots are pretty expensive so now I can try to grow my own. I’ve heard they’re pretty easy; don’t know about on the wall!

Greenwalls - wheatgrass

Whatever you try, good luck and let me know how it turns out!

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  1. Brian, the biggest challenge I’ve observed with these walls is the irrigation. Not much soil and short roots demands drip irrigation. With irrigation, great. Without it, pray for rain or move to Seattle!

  2. Inspirational blog. Do you mind speculating on the long term maintenance of greenwalls? I am a horticulturist, and this seems like guaranteed employment (!) – but who pays the bills after a few years???

  3. All I can suggest is that you try Google and see what information you find there. I have no idea how to promote it in India!

  4. Sir/Madam,
    I am really excited to see the concept of HYDROPONICS in wall gardening. Please do give information regarding the subject that how wall gardening can be promoted in India?

  5. Isn’t this wonderful? I also love the article on green roofs. So much to be done with plants!
    Best to you in your business.

  6. Love these shots and am totally inspired. As the President and Creative Director of Plants Forever in ATL, we are excited about broadening our horizons into this areas.


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